The Battle of the Streaming Services


Streaming services, there seems to be one for everyday of the week and knowing which one(s) to go for can be daunting! Luckily, the clever people that run them quite often give you the chance to try them for free. Well here at OhMyDosh you can earn some dosh whilst taking a few of these streaming services for a test drive.

We are going to look at a few streaming services featured on OhMyDosh and why you should check each one out.


Now TV Movie Pass

What’s On Offer? - 14 Day Free Trial -  Earn £5.00

The Now TV Movie Pass gives you great access to the hottest and biggest films, you will not be disappointed with the films on offer. Whether you’re looking for something to entertain the kids or a ‘Saturday Night-In Blockbuster’, you’ll find it on Now TV. The categories make it super easy navigate and you can even search by actor if you're in need to the Tom Hanks fix!

Their selection seems to be updated daily and you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Grab a 14 day free Now TV movie pass trial and get £5.00 for doing so. I reckon it’ll be one you’ll end up keeping! (Like me!)

Dales Top Tip - Logan

Amazon Prime

What’s On Offer? - 30 Day Free Trial - Earn £5.00

Although streaming is a big part of Amazon Prime, that’s not all you get with your free trial. You also get unlimited one-day delivery on Prime listed products, early access to events such as Prime Day and much much more!

However, let’s not get side tracked, we’re here to talk about the streaming! As you can imagine, the selection on Prime is huge. They have a great selection of Amazon original shows such as ‘The Grand Tour’ (ya know, the guys from Topgear?), Vikings, Mr. Robot and loads more. Also, the film choices aren’t too shabby either, you’ll find a lot of the blockbusters as well as some great classics.

Take out a 30 Day Free Trial with Amazon Prime and decide for yourself, one-day delivery (including Sundays) is really handy too!

Dales Top Tip - The Walking Dead


What’s On Offer? - 14 day free trial - Earn £2.50

TVPlayer gives you 38 premium channels that you won’t find on Freeview and of the best things is there's no adverts! You’re not tied into a contract and you can watch on many devices. As well as being able to watch live TV you can also catch up on a great selection of shows.

There’s a great range of channels included with TVPlayer, including; MTV (They used to play music), Comedy Central (the home of Friends), Eurosport 1&2 and plenty of channels for the kids!

Get your 14 day free trial with TVPlayer and earn £2.50 at the same time.

Dales Top Tip - Bob’s Burgers (Comedy Central)

So there’s an overview of three of the streaming services you can try for free whilst earning with OhMyDosh at the same time! Check them out and let us know which one you like best and if we’re missing out on some cracking shows/TV!

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Refer A Friend - Tips & Tricks

We want OhMyDosh! to take the term “worst kept secret” to a new level, but we can’t do that without you.

We’re all really good at telling our friends to check out the latest new film, netflix series binge, or cracking new album.

In this blog we’re going to give you a few top tips on sharing your OhMyDosh! referral link.

Why Should I Share My Link?

You don’t have to share your referral link and we certainly wouldn’t recommend sharing it if you’re not a fan of free money, because essentially that is what your referral link is for. Share your link with your friends, family & whoever else you can get it too and you’ll get £5 put into your dosh account when the person you referred makes their first cash out. Tasty.

Ways To Share Your Link.

Be social! It’s 2018, so we are going to assume you are one of the 2.46bn people that have social media accounts in the world.

Using your social media accounts to post referral links for all your followers to see if a guaranteed way to get your link out there for the world to see.

It could be that you post a link on your Facebook page, or send out a Tweet containing your link. However you want to get link out, just get it out there.

How about a blog?

If you’ve got yourself a blog (oh check you out, all fancy) that can be a great way to share your link. Write up a review of your experiences with OhMyDosh! to let your readers know all about the site, pop your link in and BOOM! Job done.

TOP TIP - Cats & Dogs

Using a picture of a Cat or Dog whilst sharing your link is proved to increase clicks.

Don’t Spam

No-one likes Spam, either in the form of endless emails or the tinned “meat” variety, so don’t go overboard and start messaging people you’ve never met before! You know your friends & family so we’re sure you know who will and wouldn’t not love OhMyDosh!


If you get stuck sharing your link, give us a shout! We love hearing from all our users, so just send us a Tweet!


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