How OhMyDosh Works 

Welcome to the Doshipedia, below you’ll find all the info you need to know about how OhMyDosh works.

Step One - Choose An Offer

Using our categories or search function, you can quickly find and discover offers you like and want to take to earn dosh!

So you're able to take offers, make sure you have signed up or logged in at this point.

Step Two - Take An Offer

All the instructions and terms are stated on the offer page, be sure to read these before proceeding. Once you have decided what you want to complete, click the 'Earn (amount)' button.

Make sure you follow the terms and conditions or this could mean your cashback will not be paid.

Step Three - Pending Status

Once you have completed an offer, the advertiser will let us know when they have received your information. This will happen automatically.

At this point, the offer will go into a pending status on your account. The time this takes can vary, but don't worry we've included that on every offer page.

Step Four - Payable Status

The average time it takes for an offer to go from pending to payable is 30 days (but this varies between offers).

Payments come from the advertisers we work with, which we pass to you. So once we get paid, we can pay you.

Step Five - Cash Out Dosh Out

Once your payable balance is over £10, you can dosh out whenever it suits you.

Your outstanding balance will be paid into your bank account within 5 working days or even quicker if you choose to be paid via PayPal.

Still got a question? Check out our Helpdesk!