Waldo Contact Lenses - You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

Glasses, I can’t stand them. Although I do have to wear them I find them mega annoying, especially when it comes to situations like the cinema and the lenses are just a blurry smudge or you’re watching a 3D film so you end up wearing a pair of glasses on top of another pair, as cool as you think this might look, it doesn’t.

Contacts are of course a great alternative to glasses, but not all contacts are born equal. Many contacts can leave your eyes feeling sore and tired. Having tried contacts in the past I’ve struggled to go a whole day with them in without using contact eye drops throughout the day. If you’re reading this and thinking “Dale, I hear ya, what you got for me?”, then I’m happy to introduce Waldo to all you bad vision sufferers out there, all you lucky 20/20 visioners can stop reading now, go off and enjoy your perfect vision.

Waldo sent us some contacts to try and I happily obliged. The lenses were delivered really quickly, I was surprised how quickly they turned up. They were packaged well and protected even from the most heavy handed post-man. If you’ve used lenses before then you won’t be surprised by the way they are packaged, it’ll all be familiar for you. Inserting the lenses was a doddle, again no surprises here. But the real magic comes when wearing the actual lenses, as I mentioned previously, I have often struggled to last a whole day with lenses in I’ve found them to dry out throughout the day which then leads to me using drops to help keep the moisture there. However, with Waldo I didn’t find the need for the extra drops (even though I bought a bottle into the office just in case). If you want to go into some more scientific details, that’s all available on Waldo’s site. But for me, it’s definitely two thumbs up.

According to Waldo’s website their “‘Super Fine Edge Design’ lenses are crafted by a leading manufacturer using the latest optical technology, so you’ll be treated to maximum comfort, low friction and UV protection”, which is nice to know.

If you’re in a rush for contacts then fear not, they deliver within 48 hours. They deliver straight to your door with free shipping (after your trial). You can pause, modify or cancel your subscription at anytime online. So if you don’t wear contacts all the time and find you have a build up in your bathroom cupboard, don’t worry there’s no pressure to keep the deliveries coming, just re-activate your deliveries when you’re ready.

Getting started with Waldo is simple and risk-free, they are currently offering 10 days for free which I’m sure you’ll agree is a great deal, committing to something like contact lenses before trying them first isn’t something you particularly want to do. So that’s top marks to Waldo.

To get started, head to the Waldo offer on OhMyDosh, from there head to Waldo, click started, fill out your prescription, choose the quarterly box, fill out your details and just like magic you’ll see your checkout amount is £2.95, that’s all you need to pay to cover the delivery cost of your contacts

Right now you can grab £2.50 cashback when you take out a free 10 day trial with Waldo, just head to the Waldo offer on OhMyDosh and get ready to see happiness!



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