Meet The Doshers: June

It's our favourite time of the week, time to meet another dosher! Today we are chatting to June, who is one of top earning doshers since joining the site in February!

Who the dosh are you and where are you from?

Hi, my name is June and I'm from Wakefield in West Yorkshire

Tell us about your family.

Married , with 3 grown up kids and 3 Grandsons. Nothing like kids to keep you young at heart.

When did you join OhMyDosh?

I joined OMD at the beginning of February so been a member for 2 full months now, and have steadily made money over that period.

Where did you hear about us?

I watch a you-tuber quite regularly and they were promoting the site . Knew it would be a winner if they were promoting it - thanks Cora H.

Were you skeptical before joining the site?

A little but who wouldn't be - a site giving money for basically nothing ? But trusted the source enough to give it a go and so glad I did.

How much have you made so far? (Please include paid and pending balances)

Up to now I've made £272.85, with £135.85 already been paid out and the rest pending. I say so far as there's still lots of offers I still could try and more been added too. Plus in addition to this I've also earned from some of the sites I've joined through OMD, so that's another bonus.

What are you planning to do with your extra dosh?

Going towards a nice little treat later in the year - sorry, can't divulge it's a surprise!

What is your ‘go-to’ category and what are your favourite money-making offers to take?

Has to be Gambling - not that I'm a gambler by any means, but the Bingo sites have also been a great little additional earner using the promos. No brainer really.

What is your favourite thing about OhMyDosh?

It's easy. Very clear explaining t&c's before even going to the site so you know exactly what is required before even going there.  Also it’s anytime, anywhere - laptop or mobile. Why not get paid cash (dosh) for trying out offers, joining sites etc much better than vouchers or points. Too good to be true? -  well yes it does seem so but it works!

And finally/most importantly, Cats or Dogs?

Has to be dogs! Love my too fur babies Charlie & Lola x


Hayley Skinner
30th of April 2018 07:34:57
Posted by Hayley Skinner
I've been a member and I've noticed that unless I pay for stuff I'm not getting anything back as o where's the earning I've got £3.30 in my omg account and I've been here since about January time and I won't pay for anything online so how do I do it pl
June Bentley
10th of April 2018 15:49:14
Posted by June Bentley
continued :- but you can check these terms beforehand. If you're unsure of a particular site then check it out online , but remember to go back to OMD and click on the green link or you wont get paid . Other sites Ive used are a few of the free competition sites but be aware that you may get extra spam emails or even the odd random phone call. Its your choice to decide whether or not its worth the effort . Other site offers I would have used had I not already been a member. So good luck! - it's unlikely you'll become a millionaire from this but with a bit of time and a little effort you should be able to make a nice bit of extra cash like I have .
June Bentley
10th of April 2018 15:38:12
Posted by June Bentley
Thanks for all the comments - I mainly use sites like the bingo sites , although you do have to normally make a deposit in order to get the extra bonuses. Its just a case of managing what you spend against what you will get back . Bingo wins aren't guaranteed from the bonus tickets or spins but I've been lucky enough to have a few small wins so thats made me additional money . That money is not included in my OMD total given above. I do not promote any gambling sites and if you're likely to get hooked then these sites may not be for you . Afterall , we are trying to make money , that is the whole purpose of doing this . Some of the gambling sites have wagering requirements meaning you have to spend x times amount before you can withdraw , please read these carefully so you know exactly what is required . Some of the other sites have no wagering requirements meaning that if you win cash you can withdraw it straight away ( some have minimum withdrawal limits or £10 or £20 , but you c
Hayley Skinner
8th of April 2018 01:54:45
Posted by Hayley Skinner
Nice to meet you but I'd love to know how you earn any money I've been doing this for a few months I havent even earned my first ten pounds would love to know h9w I don't have a bank account so can't do things that you have to pay for I've been doing all the signing up i can possibly do but still only £3 welcome bonus please share and give me some strength as trying to earn some spare cash and can't
Susan Wilcox
6th of April 2018 23:47:48
Posted by Susan Wilcox
Hello June my Names Susan I've joined but was a a little unsure as to whether I'd fit in here. After reading your comments I think I'll give this a Go..
Hayley Skinner
6th of April 2018 03:40:12
Posted by Hayley Skinner
How and what sires do you get freebies from and are they free to sign up plus can you earn money from them ?? Just joined and struggling to get some cash together joined this site and that site but still only three pounds in bank how do you earn so much in so little time
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