How You Can Help With #ViralKindness

Like a lot of offices, OhMyDosh HQ is shut. So this means sharing our home offices with our furry friends who seem to fight you for your desk space, it’s a game of Cat and Mouse (geddit?). Luckily, 99% of what we do is based online and we are able to continue working even if we are not sat in the same room. So for us, it’s business here as usual.

Today, in what is a rarity from OhMyDosh, we’re bringing you a blog post on the more serious side of things, but something we feel is very important right now. It’s fair to say that the country world is a strange place right now. The shelves are emptying as soon as they are stocked, the roads are quiet and the high street is dead.

I’ve been following the news closely (it’s the only channel that’s been on my TV for the last week or so) and it’s fair to say that 90% of what is shown is pretty depressing, whether it’s the panic buying or seeing the infection figures rising daily, it’s not great.

However, that said, every now and then a story is shown that brightens up the dark. We’ve seen opera singers singing from their apartment windows in Italy, fitness instructors holding classes from a rooftop to those self-isolating in an apartment across the street in Spain, but today I wanted to share a story that has been shared (not enough in my opinion) from right here in the UK.

Becky Wass, from Falmouth was left feeling so helpless by the news and the spread of Covid-19 that she decided to do something about it, she created a great printable postcard that can be used to reach out to your local community and neighbours to ensure everyone is kept safe during the outbreak.

The idea behind the postcard is to offer to help those who live near, the vulnerable and the sick, those who can’t get out for essential items.

We’ve attached the printout below, just save it to your computer, print out as many copies as you need and post them around your local area.

Covid-19 can affect anyone, for some the symptoms can be minimal but as we’ve all seen on the news, for others it can be much worse. If you can help, you should. It’s times like these we need to pull together.

So download the picture below, get printing and get helping!


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