Back to School Tips & Tasty Lunchbox Ideas

It’s the start of a new school year and the kids are finally back at school. We know it can be quite a stressful time, especially for you parents so we’ve popped together a back to school guide.

Find ways to save money on school supplies, inspiration for healthy packed lunches and a few extra trips we’ve popped in to make going back to school a breeze. 

Lunch Box Ideas the Kids Will Love

It may have been a while since you last made a packed lunch for your little ones so we're here to give you a little inspiration for when the kids return to school.
If you're looking to try something new or just after a few tips then we've popped together some places to find healthy lunch ideas which are super quick and easy for you to prepare.

Boka - The all green traffic lights cereal snack bar.

But first let's start with the best part - that tasty snack. We all know it's so hard to find cereal bars or lunchbox treats that are low in sugar and fats so allow us to introduce you to Boka.

Boka bars have four green traffic lights! So you don’t have to worry about hidden sugar or confusing food labels.  They’re super low in sugar, fats and salt. Oh and they’re delicious too!

They're perfect for packing into your little ones lunch box and  keep the little ones going for a long day of school. Or you could pinch them for yourself as they're just so good.

Grab a trial box here for just £6.25 and get 20% off your next order with code 'OMD20'



The Change4Life website has a whole section on healthier lunch box recipes and tips on how to swap the usual snacks for healthier ones.

For example you could swap a cake bar for malt loaf or a sugary drink for a sugar-free one.

They also have some tasty recipes.  Getting kids to eat their 5-a-day isn't always easy but they have lots of ways to add these into lunches with their yummy ideas.


Over on the BBC Good Food website you'll also find plenty of vibrant and tasty lunchbox ideas that make us want to drool. There's some great ideas like cutting sandwiches into stars, pasta salads  you could make in advance to save time and yummy energy boosters.

We may be stealing some of these for today's lunch!

(From BBCGood Food)

Get Cashback on School Supplies

We know the drill. Every year your little ones want a new pencil case filled with all the best colouring pens, the trendiest trainers for P.E in and the prettiest lunch boxes.

It can be pretty pricey and all those bendy rulers soon add up which is why it's a great idea to buy from shops where you can get cashback.

For stationary check out The Works. You can get huge savings on a range of art and craft supplies, books and stationery.  You can pick up the snazziest pencil case and coolest lunch box for a lot less. 
Plus you can get 12% cashback when you shop through OhMyDosh!

For P.E and trainers head over to Sports Direct. Earn 1% cashback when you shop at Sports Direct through OhMyDosh!

Stock up on all your first aid supplies, beauty bits and body care at Boots. Earn 2% cashback when you shop at Boots through OhMyDosh!

(The Works)

Easing Back into the School Routine

Getting back into that morning routine can be tricky, especially after having such a long time off.

These tips will help you ease back in and make mornings super smooth.
  • Have all your uniform laid out the night before - this includes underwear, socks and bag packed, ready to go.
  • Prepare lunches the night before. Grab some tasty recipes from BBC Good Food and make a couple to pop in the fridge, ready for the week. Pop some Boka bars in the car for morning and afternoon snacks too!
  • Make a weekly planner-  this way you'll know exactly what days your little ones need their p.e kit and you can add events such as tag days and school trips.
  • Get a label maker and label every one's bottles and lunch boxes so you remember who's is who's. That way you'll never give out the wrong lunches either.
  • Sticky notes EVERYWHERE! - We all need reminding from time to time and sticky notes are perfect for this.
  • Have an emergency stash supply in the car - this way if someone forgets their pencil case or needs a pritt stick, you've always got an extra one at hand.
  • Make weeknights easy by planning dinners. This will create a lot less stress for you and the little ones will know exactly what they're having for tea.
  • Get your little ones excited about the school day ahead by talking about the fun things they'll be doing and the friends they'll get to see that day.
Well that's it from us with our Back to School Guide. We hope you enjoyed reading! Feel free to pop down any more tips you may have in the comments, we'd love to hear them!



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