Sorry, April Fools!


Sorry, April fools!


It’s the 1st of April and I’m afraid we’re not releasing a perfume anytime soon, but how cool would that be?! For now, we’re going to be sticking to bringing you the hottest and freshest offers out there.


We genuinely have got some very exciting updates launching on OhMyDosh very soon, but I can confirm that they are not scent based...or are they? No, they’re not. Promise.


To forgive us and head back to OhMyDosh just click here.


Sorry again, please do forgive us.

Much love xx


Melvin Kennedy
2nd of April 2019 09:26:17
Posted by Melvin Kennedy
Awww. Nice one.
Lesley Haydock
2nd of April 2019 04:00:19
Posted by Lesley Haydock
Love a good prank - Cant believe the very few with no sense of humour even a problem for some. Thx for the smile oh my dosh especially in a world with a lot of REAL serious problems to make peoples lives change for the worse ..... I think people in other countries who lost loved ones in war and famine would be happy if a harmless prank like this was to be the worst problem they faced today and I would be sooooooo embarrassed if I thought anyone of those people read the negative comments posted - thx again oh my dosh and happy doshing other fellow members xx
Sandra Mckenna
2nd of April 2019 00:57:04
Posted by Sandra Mckenna
Oh my gosh oh my dosh gotcha me hahaha luvved it
Beverley Dixon
1st of April 2019 16:49:50
Posted by Beverley Dixon
Aww poop, you got me
Vanessa Stevens
1st of April 2019 14:42:09
Posted by Vanessa Stevens
Ahhh you got me lol x
Maria Ewald
1st of April 2019 13:14:32
Posted by Maria Ewald
Trust ohmydosh to do something like this to us all xx
Ayesha Hussain
1st of April 2019 12:34:33
Posted by Ayesha Hussain
Vijay  Anand
1st of April 2019 12:33:13
Posted by Vijay Anand
Claire  Ohara
1st of April 2019 11:52:59
Posted by Claire Ohara
lol great ohmydosh
Paula  Barnett
1st of April 2019 11:40:19
Posted by Paula Barnett
Lol yeah forgot about the date. Very good ohmydosh X
Yvonne Cassidy
1st of April 2019 11:29:59
Posted by Yvonne Cassidy
Cheryl Pirie-Warsop
1st of April 2019 11:23:15
Posted by Cheryl Pirie-Warsop
lol i completely forgot what day it was and you got me
Nicola Fogarty
1st of April 2019 11:22:48
Posted by Nicola Fogarty
Well done
Skye Gill
1st of April 2019 10:40:49
Posted by Skye Gill
Got me
Kirsten Ferguson
1st of April 2019 10:28:44
Posted by Kirsten Ferguson
Hahahaha u got me
John Simpson
1st of April 2019 09:55:12
Posted by John Simpson
Nice try
Gary Rhodes
1st of April 2019 09:53:31
Posted by Gary Rhodes
Thought it was
Miami Swan
1st of April 2019 09:48:34
Posted by Miami Swan
Karina Jakubowska
1st of April 2019 09:47:09
Posted by Karina Jakubowska
Michael Pearce
1st of April 2019 09:40:42
Posted by Michael Pearce
Queen Nnakife
1st of April 2019 09:19:39
Posted by Queen Nnakife
Jeez... You guys are soooo not serious! T'was fun though. My first laugh into the month of April. Nice one.
Christine Bean
1st of April 2019 09:15:55
Posted by Christine Bean
You got me
Paul Meadows
1st of April 2019 09:14:12
Posted by Paul Meadows
knew it was but love a bargain
1st of April 2019 09:05:59
i thought it was - very good idea though
Catherine Middleton
1st of April 2019 09:02:54
Posted by Catherine Middleton
Hahaha. You got me!
Carrie Lowry
1st of April 2019 09:01:59
Posted by Carrie Lowry
Yes I thought so haha!!
Tracey Nash
1st of April 2019 08:53:19
Posted by Tracey Nash
Ya big *bleep*sxxx Good-1
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