SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus for just £28 a month


Earn £32.50


SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus from just £28 per month, including line rental, for 18 months. Plus, 60-day Happiness Guarantee.

How to earn

1. Get a quote from SSE for Unlimited Fibre Plus.
2. Switch to SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus. 

Click the green 'Earn' button to visit SSE and complete this offer. Once you're done simply pop back to OhMyDosh!

Terms & Conditions

To earn your dosh, you must ensure the following terms and conditions are met otherwise we will not be paid which means we cannot pay you.

This offer can only be used if you are a new member to SSE Broadband. 
You must use your correct details.
You need to take out SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus for this offer to confirm. The switch must be complete to receive cashback. 

While most of the time it takes less than an hour for this offer to change to pending, it could take up to 7 Days.

Once pending, the average time for this offer to become payable is 120 days.

These are the terms and conditions that customers should be aware, as they will impact their ability to get cashback:
•    Cashback will only be paid for purchases made by new SSE customers;
•    Cashback will only be paid for eligible purchases completed online, that are not cancelled. Any purchases completed over the phone will not be eligible.
•    Cashback will not be paid for purchases of unlisted products/packages.
•    Cashback will not be paid if combined with any other offers, e.g. discounts, voucher codes, gift cards, etc.
•    It can take up to 120 days for cashback for valid and eligible purchases to be paid.