Save £200* on your energy bills with MoneySuperMarket


Complete to earn £22


Compare MoneySuperMarket’s best energy tariffs and switch in five minutes.

Switch and relax, MoneySuperMarket will handle it. Your switch will be completed within 21 days.

To receive cashback you must switch both your electricity and gas supplier.


How to earn

1. Enter your details with MoneySuperMarket.
2. Compare the best deals.
3. Switch both your gas and electricity supplier with MoneySuperMarket.

Click the green 'Earn' button to visit MoneySuperMarket and complete this offer. Once you're done simply pop back to OhMyDosh!

Offer Payout Time:

While most of the time it takes less than an hour for this offer to show as pending in your account, it could take up to 24 hours.

Once pending, the average time for this offer to become payable is 60 days.

Terms & Conditions

To earn your dosh, you must ensure the following terms and conditions are met otherwise we will not be paid which means we cannot pay you.

You must be a new member to MoneySuperMarket.

You must use your correct details.

You need to switch both your gas and electricity supplier with MoneySuperMarket for this offer to confirm. 

There is a 45 day validation period which will start as soon as you complete your switch with MoneySuperMarket. After this, MoneySuperMarket will confirm that the transaction is valid.
Your switch with MoneySuperMarket must be genuine. You will only receive cashback once MoneySuperMarket has confirmed that the transaction is valid and complete. 

If you cancel your switch the offer will not be validated and cashback will not be paid. 

What will stop me from getting cashback?
• MoneySuperMarket will only validate one cashback transaction per site visit. If you wish to make multiple transactions on different products, please begin each journey from OhMyDosh.
• Using a promotional/voucher code not posted and approved by OhMyDosh.
• Cashback transactions should be confirmed in your account within a month. Quotes that don't convert into a policy will be automatically declined after 150 days of being generated.
• Cashback will only be paid if we are able to link your purchase to the OhMyDosh website. This means that you must click the OhMyDosh link, go straight through to the MoneySuperMarket website, generate a brand new quote and make your purchase immediately in the same session and without exiting your internet browser. Unfortunately, cashback will not be paid if you purchase a saved quote or edit a saved quote even if it has been generated on the same day you wish to purchase energy from MoneySuperMarket via OhMyDosh.
 • MoneySuperMarket Energy cashback transactions are limited to 1 per calendar year. Any purchases made on the MoneySuperMarket website via the OhMyDosh link will be subject to the OhMyDosh Terms and Conditions and MoneySuperMarket Terms and Conditions which can be found on the MoneySuperMarket website.
• Purchases must be completed immediately and fully online.
• Purchases must be completed via the online journey and any purchases via MoneySuperMarket Apps will not be eligible for cashback.

While most of the time it takes less than an hour for this offer to change to pending, it could take up to 24 hours.

Once pending, the average time for this offer to become payable is 60 days.