Check your Credit Score for Free with Experian


Earn £2.50


An Experian account lets you access your Experian Credit Score for free which is updated every 30 days each time you log in. Your credit score could make the difference to your chance of getting credit, and Experian believes that everybody should be able to access it without paying a penny.

On you can also see your chance of being approved for credit cards and personal loans before you put in an application.

How to earn

1. Sign up to Experian.
2. Get your first free credit score.

Click the green 'Earn' button to visit Experian and complete this offer. Once you're done simply pop back to OhMyDosh!

Terms & Conditions

To earn your dosh, you must ensure the following terms and conditions are met otherwise we will not be paid which means we cannot pay you.

This offer can only be used if you are a new member to Experian.
You must use your correct details.
You need to receive your first credit score.

While most of the time it takes less than an hour for this offer to change to pending, it could take up to 24 hours.

Once pending, the average time for this offer to become payable is 30 days.