BT Superfast Fibre 2 for £33.99 a Month + £100 Reward Card


Earn £40


BT Superfast Fibre 2 Broadband averages speeds of 67Mb. Get unlimited monthly usage, a Smart Hub – more powerful than the hubs from other big broadband providers, BT Virus Protect + more.

Right now take out SuperFast Fibre 2 for just £33.99 a month & get a £100 Reward Card

How to earn

1. Head to BT.
2. Sign up for their Superfast Fibre 2 Broadband Package. 

Click the green 'Earn' button to visit BT and complete this offer. Once you're done simply pop back to OhMyDosh!

Terms & Conditions

To earn your dosh, you must ensure the following terms and conditions are met otherwise we will not be paid which means we cannot pay you.

This offer can only be used if you are a new member to BT
You must use your correct details
You need to sign up for the 'Superfast Fibre 2 Broadband' package from BT
Please note this deal changed from £34.99 a month to £33.99 on 15/05/20.

While most of the time it takes less than an hour for this offer to change to pending, it could take up to 24 hours.

Once pending, the average time for this offer to become payable is 90 days.