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Let brands know what you're thinking. Earn points (called SB) for giving your honest opinion. Redeem your SB for gift cards from Amazon, Paypal and more. Sign up today and get an exclusive £5 from MyGoldSurveys. 
Please note, completing this offer will not give you any reward from OhMyDosh.

How to earn

1. Sign up to MyGoldSurveys.
2. Check your inbox and confirm your email address.
3. Receive your £5 reward from MyGoldSurveys

Click the green 'Grab Deal' button to visit MyGoldSurveys and complete this offer. Once you're done simply pop back to OhMyDosh!

Terms & Conditions

This offer can only be used if you are not already a MyGoldSurveys member
You must use your correct details and be above 18 years old​
You must confirm your email address in order to receive the £5 from MyGoldSurveys 

The only rewards you'll receive are what MyGoldSurveys offer on site for completing surveys! We've just added it to the site because we think it's a great deal!