OhMyDosh! Helpdesk

"It's over, how do I close my OhMyDosh! account?"

If you leave us now, you’ll take away the biggest part of us…

If you’re sick of earning money from home, it’s easy to delete your OhMyDosh! account. Simply go into your account page, scroll down and click 'Close Account' and then enter your password to confirm account deletion.

Without meaning to sound all “Red Pill, Blue Pill”, once you do this...there is no way back. Your account and history will be deleted and you’ll have to start from scratch if ever decide to come back to us.

All of the offers on OhMyDosh! are through 3rd parties (i.e. we don't actually own the offers) If you have signed up to any offers via OhMyDosh! then you may want to contact those advertisers directly to unsubscribe from their communications.

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