OhMyDosh Dosh Re-Take Their A-levels

To mark A-level results day, a few members of the OhMyDosh team tried answering some previous A-level questions. It didn't go well. Find out how they got on!

To mark A-level results day, we thought it'd be a great idea to get a few members of the team to answer some previous A-level questions.... it didn't go well. Check out the video below to see how Ben, Ben (Yes two bens*) and Dale got on!   *33.33% of the OhMyDosh team are named Ben....

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OhMyDosh New Features

We've added a boat load of

At OhMyDosh HQ we never stop working on improving the site to make sure you have the best possible experience when earning some extra dosh with us! A lot of the updates our techy gremlins work on and add to the site you’ll never see, as these are things like ensuring the site is as quick as possible and all that other boring stuff. But every now and then we get to push something exciting to the site that we think will make you guys n gals super happy. We wanted to name this update something cool and sophisticated like Apple or Android do, but we couldn’t think of anything so let’s just dub this update “Meatball Sub”. Share an offer - (Using your referral link) ...

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NEW FEATURE ALERT: Daily Dosh Winner!

We've added an awesome new feature to OhMyDosh today - introducing the Daily Dosh Winner feature, your chance to win everyday!

Ladies and Gentlemen, As I type this, I am rather excited to tell you about a new feature that we've just launched on OhMyDosh - introducing 'Daily Dosh Winner'. With Daily Dosh Winner you can win money everyday, what do you have to do to enter? Nothing! As long as you've got an OhMyDosh account you're already entered. You've probably got some questions, hopefully we've answered them below: How dosh 'Daily Dosh' work? Each day one of our users will be selected to be our Daily Dosh Winner. If I win, how do I claim my dosh? Easy! If you win you'll see a green 'Claim' button next to your name and profile picture, just click that button to...

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