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Hi guys and welcome back to the OhMyDosh blog! We must say it’s a pleasure to have you here, especially as we have some very exciting news, something you've all been asking for and we've been working on for a long time. Eeeeeeee! 

As you may know (or not, if you’ve been living in an igloo for the past week) we’ve just launched a brand new shiny feature on OhMyDosh. That feature means you can now get cashback when you shop through us! 

But what exactly is cashback we hear you cry?

Cashback means you get a little money back from the purchases you make. Most of the time this will be displayed as a percentage, for example “get 10% cashback with Happy Socks.” This means you’ll earn 10% cashback on your purchase and that money will go into your OhMyDosh account. It’s pretty simple really but extremely nifty. Come on, who wouldn’t want money back from the purchases they’ve made? Assuming you’re not the Queen of course. 

All you have to do is browse through the cashback offers we have on site, see a shop that takes your fancy and click the green button in the right corner (don’t worry you won’t miss it). This will take you directly to your chosen store then you’re free to shop til your heart's content. The money will then appear in your Dosh wallet once it’s become payable. Kerrrrching! 

Just about to purchase your girls night out outfit from PrettyLittleThing? Well why not do it through OhMyDosh and nab up to 5% cashback? 

Ran out of skin care? (It can’t just be us that runs out of allll our products at the same time?) Then pop over to The Body Shop on OhMyDosh, stock up on your faves and earn up to 8% cashback. It really is that simple. 

And it’s not just retail either! Going away for the weekend and need somewhere to stay? Book through Expedia on OhMyDosh and earn up to 10% cashback. Plus if you’re driving abroad and need European Breakdown Cover, you can nab that too with The AAfor up to 7% cashback. You get the gist! 

We know, it’s all very exciting! Head over to OhMyDosh now to check out all the amazing cashback offers! 


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Pawsitively Pawsome Pet Insurance from 4Paws

Here at OhMyDosh we know exactly how important your four legged friends are to you. As pet owners ourselves (...albeit slightly obsessive pet owners) we’re fully aware that they’re not just “pets,” they are indeed part of the family. We love our furry friends and even go as far as posting pictures of them around the office for everyone to enjoy. So we also know how heartbreaking it would be if anything was to happen to them and how important having pet insurance is incase the unthinkable happens.

As much as we hate to think about it, our pets can sometimes become poorly or get into accidents which result in a trip to the dreaded vets. Bills can rack up quickly and end up being pretty expensive, the last thing you want is to be worrying about money when it comes to your pets health. With a pet insurance that covers vet bills you can focus on getting your furry friends back to their bouncing, happy selves. 

Introducing 4Paws, the award winning pet specialists who understand you only want the best for your four legged friends. 4Paws have a range of insurance products to suit different budgets so you can give your dog,cat or rabbit the care they deserve without the worry of large unexpected veterinary bills. Cover stars from 6 weeks old and vet fees can be paid directly. They’ll be there 24/7 with their emergency claims line and you can pay monthly at no extra cost. They can also pre-authorise claims too and if you do need to make one, 4Paws has a dedicated team of expertly trained staff that are there for you when you need it the most. 

But do you really need pet insurance? 

It’s easy to think you won’t need pet insurance and we really hope you won’t, however it’s important to be aware that some breeds may be prone to long-term illnesses and conditions, especially if it’s a pedigree. 

Problems like arthritis and diabetes typically need treating by a vet over a long period of time, often for life, with the ongoing cost of veterinary treatment potentially running into hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year. If your pet has an accident or starts to feel poorly, this could also result in a vet bill higher than expected, putting you under more stress at an already worrying time. 

It’s impawsible to keep your four legged friends under your watchful eye at all times and you never know what the future may hold but with 4Paws Pet Insurance you’ll have peace of mind that they’re covered if they do start to feel a little ruff. Plus right now, puuurchase 4Paws Pet Insurance through OhMyDosh and earn up to £27.50 in your account. Head over to 4Paws now.

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Psst, can you keep a secret?

Want to get away but just can’t decide where, when or what your budget can really stretch too? Don’t worry, we’re just like you. We’re fussy, we have higher standards than we’d like to admit and it definitely is all in the details. We want luxury but quite frankly, we don’t want to pay for it but lucky for us, (and you) we don’t have too. Let us introduce you to the worst kept secret in luxury travel and the answer to your prayers, Secret Escapes

At Secret Escapes you’ll find luxury hotels and holidays from all over the globe with up to 60% off the price you’d pay booking anywhere else. We have to admit, these exclusive rates got us pretty excited and you can see from first log in, there’s so many amazing deals (and sleek hotels) to choose from. From city-breaks to week long getaways, there’s an abundance of choice and each destination looks just as amazing as the next, not to mention the price being completely affordable.

All their hotels and spas are hand-picked by their travel experts who are always on the lookout for those additional perks that make staying in a Secret Escapes hotel extra special: complimentary room upgrades, a bottle of bubbly, a massage – that sort of thing. We said it’s all about the details didn’t we? 

By now you’re probably thinking “exclusive rates? Surely there’s some catch to this?” Yes these rates are only available to members but the good news is, to become a member all you have to do is sign up with your email address and nothing else. It doesn't cost a penny, and it never will.

Explore Marrakech from a super central riad with impeccable style from just £49pp* or bask in Montenegro's sunshine and enjoy sublime bay views with up to 59%* off. These are just a couple of examples of what Secret Escapes have to offer but we recommend not to deliberate for too long, as these exclusive deals come and go super quick. 

There’s also many gorgeous locations in the UK to choose from so if you don’t want to go abroad, you can explore all of what England has to offer in style. From five-star spa breaks to boutique country houses your stay-cation will be just as luxurious as any tropical beach escape. 

From romantic breaks to weekend getaways, whether it be abroad or within the UK, Secret Escapes has hotels and holidays for every occasion, all at a cut above the rest.

So if you’re after luxury at a price you’d much rather pay then book your next getaway through OhMyDosh and get £15 cashback. 

Top Tip - if you’re after travel inspiration then check out Secret Escapes magazine; The Escapist. It makes for the perfect Sunday read and will give you lots of ideas for your next adventure. 

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