Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 'Cashback Site Of The Year' Nomination

Hey Doshers,

Welcome to another thrilling entry into to the Dosh Blog and this time I have some HUGE news for you all! So sit back, relax and read on.

We are absolutely over the moon to finally announce that OhMyDosh has been shortlisted for a Moneyfacts Consumer Award 2019! We have been shortlisted in the ‘Cashback Site Of The Year’ category which previous winners include Topcashback and Quidco. But that's not the only good news, if you head over and vote for OhMyDosh you could win £1,000!

We were shortlisted by the moneyfacts highly qualified research team who, using a strict set of criteria, drill down into the small print of each provider’s product range to measure their technical strengths and weaknesses. So, we are of course “stoked” that we have been shortlisted!

Stage 2 involves you, our lovely Doshers. We need you lovely lot to vote for us to let Moneyfacts know that you want your number one favourite website to be crowned the winner (there’s even a chance you could win a prize of £1,000 just for voting - true story).

Voting is open now and we’ll be telling everyone and anyone who’ll listen, as will my Mum. We’ll be attending the awards ceremony January 2019 and we’ll all be digging out the Brit Awards acceptance speech we used to practice in front of the mirror when we were younger and also the infamous Joey Tribbiani ‘Gracious Losers Face’. Click here to vote now and enter for your chance to win £1,000!

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OhMyDosh Dosh Re-Take Their A-levels

To mark A-level results day, we thought it'd be a great idea to get a few members of the team to answer some previous A-level questions.... it didn't go well.

Check out the video below to see how Ben, Ben (Yes two bens*) and Dale got on!


*33.33% of the OhMyDosh team are named Ben.

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OhMyDosh New Features

At OhMyDosh HQ we never stop working on improving the site to make sure you have the best possible experience when earning some extra dosh with us! A lot of the updates our techy gremlins work on and add to the site you’ll never see, as these are things like ensuring the site is as quick as possible and all that other boring stuff. But every now and then we get to push something exciting to the site that we think will make you guys n gals super happy. We wanted to name this update something cool and sophisticated like Apple or Android do, but we couldn’t think of anything so let’s just dub this update “Meatball Sub”.

Share an offer - (Using your referral link)

We know the old saying ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ but that’s irrelevant here, so let’s use the saying ‘sharing is caring’ instead. A lot of you Doshers share OhMyDosh with your friends and family, but up until recently you have only been able to take your referral link and send them direct to the OhMyDosh homepage, well that’s no longer the case! Let’s say you were chatting to your friend over coffee about this really awesome new TV streaming service you’ve found and how they can earn cashback just for taking out a free trial, you then send them a link to OhMyDosh, they sign up and have to find the offer you’re on about etc, well that sounds like a right pavlova. Now, just head to the offer you want to share, grab a share link from the main image at the top of the page and send it to your friend! Your referral link will automagically be included, so you’ll still get your referral bonus (and so will they) #BFFpoints

My Progress

As I’m sure you know, you can check your offer history within the history section of the side menu, but we wanted to give you a little more info on how your offer is doing. So, once you’ve completed an offer you can visit the menu > history tab as normal, but if you then click the blue ‘i’ icon, then ‘See Offer’ you’ll be taken to that offer page. Check out the ‘My Progress’ section to see an extended version of your offer status.

Recommended Offers

This one is kind of a ‘does what it says on the tin’ feature. We’ve added recommended offers to the bottom of each offer page, so if you find the perfect offer just for you, be sure to check out the recommended offers at the bottom of the offer page because chances are you’ll find another great one in the recommended section!

Daily Dosh

It’s got to the point where we are literally giving money away now. Every day, one OhMyDosh member is randomly chosen to be our ‘Daily Dosh Winner’, just log in to the site and check out to see if you are today’s Daily Dosh Winner. You’ll spot the name up in the top left of the page. Right now we are giving away £10* every day and you could be the lucky winner!

*This amount is correct at the time of writing this blog, the amount could go up and down during competitions and promotions or if we’re just feeling really generous because it’s Friday and we’ve just listen to The Circle of Life, therefore feeling ‘pumped’.

That’s all for now folks, but I’ve seen what’s being cooked up in the OhMyDosh laboratory and Slugworth would love to know what's going-on, it’s more exciting than an Everlasting Gobstopper! 

Stayed tuned for more BIG updates coming soon!


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