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In or Out? We’ve Got The Perfect Valentine’s Day Plan.

In or Out? We’ve Got The Perfect Valentine’s Day Plan
Whether you're one to go out out or stay in on Valentine's Day, we've got the perfect plan for you.

Valentine’s day, some people dread it and some people can’t wait for it to come around. Still stuck on what to do when February 14th rolls around? Fear not, we’re here to help you out with two foolproof options which are not only sure to impress but also make/save you money too!   Option One - Going Out Dinner - Tastecard and Gourmet Society Everyone loves heading out for a meal, but the bill can soon rack up, luckily we have two great offers which can help keep the cost down. Both Tastecard and Gourmet Society can help you slash the price of your final bill, you’ll find discounts available at restaurants such as; Prezzo, Café Rouge, Frankie & Benny...

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OhMyDosh - The Story So Far

Just a month and a half after launch OhMyDosh hit 10,000 members! In this blog we take a look at the journey so far for OhMyDosh and where we go next!

OhMyDosh - The Story So Far It’s been an exciting week here at OhMyDosh, just 42 days after our launch date on February 1st we hit 10,000 members on the site! We’re really can’t explain to you all how excited we are to see people using the site, making money in their spare time and having fun at the same time! We’ve got so many exciting features launching over the next couple of months and we can’t wait to share them all with you! Today we are going to take a look at how we got here. *Insert blurry scene transition to represent a flashback* Flashback to July 2017, an idea is born to create a make/save money website with a difference, a site that works in pou...

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OhMyDosh! We're featured in Loveit Magazine!

Hey ma, we're famous! OhMyDosh has just been featured in Loveit magazine.

Hey ma, we're famous! Check out OhMyDosh featured in the latest copy of LoveIt magazine (Out May 30th). Award-winning columnist Emma Drew gives her round-up on OhMyDosh. She's been crowned the UK's best money-making blogger for two years running, so in other words, she knows her stuff. Check out what she has to say below. ...

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We got sent a free Graze box, here's what we thought

We got sent a free Graze box by Graze and we're here to let you know just what we think of it, plus how you can get your hands on some free Grazes boxes yourself!

It's no secret, here at OhMyDosh we LOVE subscription boxes and a long-time favourite for many in the office (including me, I got my first Graze box about 6 years ago) is Graze, hence why we have a great offer from them on site. Well, the awesome guys n gals at Graze kindly sent us a box to take a look at and sample, so we thought it’d be a great time to share with you just what we found. When you first think of snacking, if you’re anything like me your first thought is to head straight to the crisp drawer and tuck into whatever flavour jumps out at you, then you might progress to the biscuit tin, but I’m sure we all know by now that this isn’t the best thing f...

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OhMyDosh New Features

We've added a boat load of

At OhMyDosh HQ we never stop working on improving the site to make sure you have the best possible experience when earning some extra dosh with us! A lot of the updates our techy gremlins work on and add to the site you’ll never see, as these are things like ensuring the site is as quick as possible and all that other boring stuff. But every now and then we get to push something exciting to the site that we think will make you guys n gals super happy. We wanted to name this update something cool and sophisticated like Apple or Android do, but we couldn’t think of anything so let’s just dub this update “Meatball Sub”. Share an offer - (Using your referral link) ...

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OhMyDosh Dosh Re-Take Their A-levels

To mark A-level results day, a few members of the OhMyDosh team tried answering some previous A-level questions. It didn't go well. Find out how they got on!

To mark A-level results day, we thought it'd be a great idea to get a few members of the team to answer some previous A-level questions.... it didn't go well. Check out the video below to see how Ben, Ben (Yes two bens*) and Dale got on!   *33.33% of the OhMyDosh team are named Ben....

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