Slice Your Energy Bills This Winter

We’ve been informed that something terrible is on it’s way Doshers… perhaps even worse than the Beast from the East! Brace yourselves...

News just in says that this winter is going to be the coldest on record for over a decade! Yes we know, the same thing is said every year but you never know, we very well could be transported to Antarctica come winter time and we want you to be prepared. 

Now we’re fully aware that this is OhMyDosh, not OhMySnowsuits and we can’t yet provide you with those, but we can help you save some money on your energy bills! Woo! 

So grab a hot choccie, get comfy and check out how we can help you save some pennies when the cold spell hits. 

Many of us have never actually switched energy supplier and we get it. If you’re happy with who you’re currently with and don’t want the hassle of switching then why would you? Well what if we told you you could save a lot of money each year by changing supplier AND you don’t even have to do it yourself! 

Let us introduce you to Look After My Bills. Simply sign up once, get great energy deals forever. They’ll find you the best energy deals and automatically switch you over. Once that deal ends they’ll switch you again. You don’t need to do anything and it’s completely free! Plus they were featured on BBC Dragons’ Den. ooOOoo.

Save ya self some pennies over and over again plus nab £17.50 when you sign up through OhMyDosh! 

Another fab way to save money on your energy bills is to use a comparison service so you can see for yourself the cheapest tariffs. uSwitch are perfect for this, you can compare a range of suppliers and choose the one which suits you the most. You could even save up to £477 on your energy bills by simply switching.

Plus you’ll also nab £8.00 when you switch with uSwitch through OhMyDosh!

If you’re looking to switch to a supplier that doesn’t cost the earth and uses 100% renewable energy then take a look at Tonik. Simply get a quote and choose your tariff and they’ll take care of your switch. They plan to slash your bills and help you become part of the switched-on future of energy. 

Earn £10.00 when you switch to Tonik energy through OhMyDosh!

Check out the Energy category to see who could start saving with today.

We do hope it won’t be dropping into minus temperatures any time soon but you can save money on your energy bills all year round with these little tips. There’s no need to thank us Doshers, although some do call us a modern day superhero - which we’re perfectly fine with. 


Victor Owolabi
6th of October 2019 14:57:15
Posted by Victor Owolabi
This is really hood
Simon Allen
6th of October 2019 10:02:02
Posted by Simon Allen
Easy way to make some extra dosh just by helping you save money to
Alison Chapman
6th of October 2019 09:11:29
Posted by Alison Chapman
Good way to make easy money
Jemal  MAhamed
6th of October 2019 08:54:31
Posted by Jemal MAhamed
Amazing app if u want to make easy money
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