Staying in is SO the new going out

As we’re all aware, the current advice being given by the government is to stay inside wherever possible and we know this might be a little daunting for some of you. We just wanted you all to know that we’re here for you Doshers, we’ll get through this together!

For this blog post we thought we’d pop together some of our favourite things to do whilst we’re staying in to give you a little inspiration and keep you entertained in the forthcoming weeks. 

First of all let’s start with the ‘pretend it’s Christmas’ idea we’ve seen floating around and can we just say, we are ALL for this! Crack out the cheese board and grab the Monopoly, it’s Christmaaaas again. We personally wouldn’t go as far as putting the tree back up and singing Christmas carols but each to their own - we’ve seen a fair few pictures on socials of Christmas lights making their appearance. We love this idea and we hope you do too, even if it's just the board games aspect. 

Another thing we’re also quite excited to do (now this will show our age) is to have a good de-clutter/clear out whilst we’re at home. Now we can actually get on with that spring clean we say we’ll do every year but never get round to doing… 
Plus it's a great time to be getting on with any home renovations that you’ve been putting off. Got shelves that need putting up or rooms that need a paint? What a good time to get started. Having a fresh, clean space at home will also help your mind feel at ease. 

Now this one may seem a little obvious but you could use this time to fall in love with cooking again. We know the shops may be a little short of a few things but we’re hoping this won’t be forever. Staying in means you’ve kinda gotta cook so why not get creative and try out some new recipes. 

A great app to use if you want to use up the bits in your cupboards is Supercook. It creates recipes for you using just the ingredients you put in.

Of course when we think of staying in, we all pretty much think yaaas time to catch up on that series you’ve been meaning too. But if you’re stuck on what to watch next, here’s a couple of ideas which we hope you’ll love! All of these can be found on Amazon Prime and you can get your free 30-day trial here
  • The Walking Dead 
  • The Office 
  • Modern Family
  • Ted Bundy: Falling For a Killer
  • The Grand Tour
We hope you don’t get too bored whilst staying home Doshers, just remember we’re in the same boat! We’ll be working hard to bring you all the Doshy goodness to keep you entertained. Keep an eye out for our next blog post with ideas of what to do with the kids whilst at home. 


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