Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (To our refer a friend scheme)

Firstly, don’t worry, we’re not changing the amount we give you lot for spreading the word about OhMyDosh, we’re just making a little clearer for you to see how well your friends are doing on OhMyDosh!

What you previously saw.

Currently, once you’ve referred someone and they sign up to OhMyDosh, £5 will be added to your OhMyDosh account as a pending balance.


What you’ll now see.

Rather than seeing £5 for every person you refer (essentially making this a ‘potential earnings balance’), you’ll see £5 for every person that has gone on to reach their £10 cash out. The £5 will show in your account as pending until your friends balance has become ‘Payable’, at that point the status will also change to Payable for you!


Why the change?

We’ve made the change to make it crystal clear to you how your friends are doing on OhMyDosh. You can still easily work out your potential earnings by multiplying the number of friends you’ve refer by 5.

old referred image

We’re always looking at ways to improve the site for you (seriously, I was eating spaghetti bolognese the other night and thought of a great idea!), but we would love to hear from you, so send us a Tweet and let us know any ideas you have!



Lisa Jennings
20th of February 2018 21:25:46
Posted by Lisa Jennings
TVs from the past......
On some of the watch videos genre available on the site...
How about a questionaire after watching a little clip from a TVs show from the past e.g. 'Poldark' & a question about ' What was the doctors name in the show'? for instance to earn more if we get the question right each time.
Just a suggestion.
Thanx for letting me comment.
Love the site. X
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