Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 'Cashback Site Of The Year' Nomination

Hey Doshers,

Welcome to another thrilling entry into to the Dosh Blog and this time I have some HUGE news for you all! So sit back, relax and read on.

We are absolutely over the moon to finally announce that OhMyDosh has been shortlisted for a Moneyfacts Consumer Award 2019! We have been shortlisted in the ‘Cashback Site Of The Year’ category which previous winners include Topcashback and Quidco. But that's not the only good news, if you head over and vote for OhMyDosh you could win £1,000!

We were shortlisted by the moneyfacts highly qualified research team who, using a strict set of criteria, drill down into the small print of each provider’s product range to measure their technical strengths and weaknesses. So, we are of course “stoked” that we have been shortlisted!

Stage 2 involves you, our lovely Doshers. We need you lovely lot to vote for us to let Moneyfacts know that you want your number one favourite website to be crowned the winner (there’s even a chance you could win a prize of £1,000 just for voting - true story).

Voting is open now and we’ll be telling everyone and anyone who’ll listen, as will my Mum. We’ll be attending the awards ceremony January 2019 and we’ll all be digging out the Brit Awards acceptance speech we used to practice in front of the mirror when we were younger and also the infamous Joey Tribbiani ‘Gracious Losers Face’. Click here to vote now and enter for your chance to win £1,000!


Rostislav Bozhkov
20th of September 2019 12:39:42
Posted by Rostislav Bozhkov
It says that this survey is closed...
Jade Bates
22nd of April 2019 02:49:47
Posted by Jade Bates
love this website
Matthew Nicholls
18th of March 2019 03:19:27
Posted by Matthew Nicholls
I should comment on wining congrat you lation on wining
Teto Adam
9th of December 2018 09:19:11
Posted by Teto Adam
Cristina Ghenghea
27th of November 2018 23:02:22
Posted by Cristina Ghenghea
Voted a while ago xx
Robert Cherry
27th of November 2018 13:34:45
Posted by Robert Cherry
It is
Robert Jennings
25th of November 2018 11:58:13
Posted by Robert Jennings
Maxine Lewis
22nd of November 2018 22:11:00
Posted by Maxine Lewis
Rachel  Lowe
20th of November 2018 08:42:55
Posted by Rachel Lowe
Sharon Jones
18th of November 2018 17:18:42
Posted by Sharon Jones
winnnnnnnnnnn yay
Samantha Fortune
18th of November 2018 11:06:32
Posted by Samantha Fortune
Win win win I hope u win u win I win
Miloud Benaraba
18th of November 2018 07:57:53
Posted by Miloud Benaraba
bonne chance pour votre blog
Christine Woolley
17th of November 2018 19:52:58
Posted by Christine Woolley
Iv voted for u good luck hope you win fingers crossed x
Fernando Fernando
17th of November 2018 02:21:00
Posted by Fernando Fernando
Very good .for vaated
Fernando Fernando
17th of November 2018 02:14:30
Posted by Fernando Fernando
Fernando leon
Ali Hilu
16th of November 2018 21:23:12
Posted by Ali Hilu
I am trying to vote and will do it. The page is loading
Leah Gillott
16th of November 2018 19:51:25
Posted by Leah Gillott
V.O.T.E.D - Hope you guys win!
Kola Wole Joseph
16th of November 2018 13:20:26
Posted by Kola Wole Joseph
i have voted for you
Mark Andrews
16th of November 2018 09:47:26
Posted by Mark Andrews
I've voted for you
Tonika Dobreva
16th of November 2018 09:41:05
Posted by Tonika Dobreva
Oh my dosh is very good
Saeeda Hussain
16th of November 2018 09:09:30
Posted by Saeeda Hussain
15th November 2018
Jennalyn Alidio
16th of November 2018 09:00:20
Posted by Jennalyn Alidio
i voted you i hope ill win thank you
Ach Ratne
15th of November 2018 10:17:03
Posted by Ach Ratne
A good one!
Jose Sogun
14th of November 2018 22:59:04
Posted by Jose Sogun
I vote for you and hope to hear good news from you.
Miss Himadri Changmai
14th of November 2018 20:07:22
Posted by Miss Himadri Changmai
Very useful survey
Natasha Danahay
14th of November 2018 17:03:36
Posted by Natasha Danahay
I have entered thank you :)
Kamil Jurewicz
14th of November 2018 10:45:58
Posted by Kamil Jurewicz
Oj my dosh!!!
Jodiee Hart
13th of November 2018 22:08:49
Posted by Jodiee Hart
Done the survey and in the draw. Good luck guys! xx
Julia Spencer/combs
13th of November 2018 14:57:08
Posted by Julia Spencer/combs
O my dosh seems a good idea.
Mary Bren
13th of November 2018 12:31:39
Posted by Mary Bren
Jane  Graham
13th of November 2018 08:09:29
Posted by Jane Graham
Just started but loving it
13th of November 2018 00:59:20
Patrick Carroll-smith
12th of November 2018 18:49:53
Posted by Patrick Carroll-smith
Good luck voted as think you are brilliant
Adam Telford
12th of November 2018 13:06:17
Posted by Adam Telford
Just voted, hope yous win
Abdou Karim Diouf
8th of November 2018 19:26:59
Posted by Abdou Karim Diouf
Just voted for you, hope to hear good news from your all
Katie Lerwill
8th of November 2018 11:53:02
Posted by Katie Lerwill
Hi I'm new to this I have voted for u
Jose Sogun
8th of November 2018 06:06:19
Posted by Jose Sogun
Just voted for you, hope to hear good news from your all
Sina H
5th of November 2018 23:30:30
Posted by Sina H
wow this is mazing
Alex Avwokpeta
4th of November 2018 23:26:47
Posted by Alex Avwokpeta
I have no job now, i need a financial help from one of you. thanks
Katy Watkiss
4th of November 2018 16:41:22
Posted by Katy Watkiss
Done :-) Will keep my fingers crossed.
Ruth Thomas
4th of November 2018 09:20:59
Posted by Ruth Thomas
I think the two of you give the best advise to benefit the customer good luck to all
Kathleen  Harron
2nd of November 2018 04:52:25
Posted by Kathleen Harron
Gud luck every one
Vanessa Cappello
1st of November 2018 20:27:57
Posted by Vanessa Cappello
Good luck, I do actually use this site and benefit from it been happy with my services far better then others I have tried
Elizabeth Reid
1st of November 2018 17:58:46
Posted by Elizabeth Reid
Voted well done
Abduljaleel Almasri
1st of November 2018 13:20:05
Posted by Abduljaleel Almasri
Abduljaleel Almasri
Blessing Efulamba
1st of November 2018 13:09:35
Posted by Blessing Efulamba
Vaida Baguzaite
1st of November 2018 07:44:31
Posted by Vaida Baguzaite
Deborah Marsden
1st of November 2018 07:44:02
Posted by Deborah Marsden
Wishing you guys all the best, I love this site it’s so well presented. GOOD LUCK
Nouri Bella
1st of November 2018 07:40:26
Posted by Nouri Bella
Big good
Amanda Batty
29th of October 2018 08:11:44
Posted by Amanda Batty
Voted for ohmydosh good luck
Khaledsaeed Bagreeb
28th of October 2018 10:23:22
Posted by Khaledsaeed Bagreeb
انة جميل
Heather Robson
27th of October 2018 22:15:12
Posted by Heather Robson
good luck guys hope you win xx
Owen Channon
27th of October 2018 11:17:00
Posted by Owen Channon
that would be very nice
Danielle Worthington
26th of October 2018 22:05:06
Posted by Danielle Worthington
Please luck be on my side, and voted and good luck to everyone who voted
Velupula Shekar
25th of October 2018 14:42:03
Posted by Velupula Shekar
Oh my dish is nice shekar
Stephen Burton
25th of October 2018 09:21:10
Posted by Stephen Burton
A good site !
Hoa Nguyen THi
25th of October 2018 01:54:30
Posted by Hoa Nguyen THi
voted for you, i wish you successful
Victoria West
24th of October 2018 14:18:17
Posted by Victoria West
Voted best regards
Jose Sogun
24th of October 2018 07:37:52
Posted by Jose Sogun
I just vote for, hope ever thing will be successful
Jose Sogun
23rd of October 2018 15:59:28
Posted by Jose Sogun
we wish you well
Beckie Eschle
23rd of October 2018 12:15:56
Posted by Beckie Eschle
voted for you!
Katherine  Hall
21st of October 2018 11:35:24
Posted by Katherine Hall
just voted for you hope all goes well mateys
Husin Muin
21st of October 2018 01:12:50
Posted by Husin Muin
i love you
Donna Briggs
20th of October 2018 15:51:31
Posted by Donna Briggs
Voted for you ohdosh
Nkosinathi Maxon
19th of October 2018 10:32:41
Posted by Nkosinathi Maxon
I just voted for you
Jacob Hubbard
19th of October 2018 09:32:57
Posted by Jacob Hubbard
done mates
Georgeta Osman
17th of October 2018 23:57:15
Posted by Georgeta Osman
Goooood luuuuck
Christine Woolley
17th of October 2018 19:55:12
Posted by Christine Woolley
Just voted for you xxx
James Carter
16th of October 2018 11:36:50
Posted by James Carter
Denise Birchall
15th of October 2018 16:38:08
Posted by Denise Birchall
Awwww Hi there, beautiful peeps, OHMYGOSH Ohmydosh I have been over and voted for you you wonderful people all of you... I wish you all the very best I hope you smash it and win. Good luck!!!!
Jo Padfield
13th of October 2018 12:21:51
Posted by Jo Padfield
Voted for you
Jan Clark
10th of October 2018 18:07:02
Posted by Jan Clark
well done!! I have completed the survey best of luck :)
Daniel Owen
10th of October 2018 15:08:52
Posted by Daniel Owen
Oh my gosh voted !!! Wheyyy
Michael Wright
9th of October 2018 23:30:12
Posted by Michael Wright
good luck to all
Julie Tannock
9th of October 2018 18:38:37
Posted by Julie Tannock
Henry Kaguri
9th of October 2018 17:44:02
Posted by Henry Kaguri
All done
Abigail Hajdu
7th of October 2018 23:42:04
Posted by Abigail Hajdu
All Done
Adam Toscani
7th of October 2018 21:00:29
Posted by Adam Toscani
All done, GL everyone
Charlie Gibbs
7th of October 2018 17:18:47
Posted by Charlie Gibbs
Done. Good luck everyone! :D
Sanjib Limbu
6th of October 2018 23:24:00
Posted by Sanjib Limbu
Done! Excited about the results x)
6th of October 2018 19:02:45
Md Golam Mostofa
6th of October 2018 13:11:03
Posted by Md Golam Mostofa
Wishing to win the vote
Lukasz Szumowski
6th of October 2018 00:36:29
Posted by Lukasz Szumowski
Done good luck
John Weathers
5th of October 2018 23:07:25
Posted by John Weathers
Done. Could do with a grand lol
Alsayed Tawfiq
5th of October 2018 20:16:09
Posted by Alsayed Tawfiq
good luck
Claire  Carver
5th of October 2018 13:51:23
Posted by Claire Carver
Done. Good luck.
Vanda Strange
5th of October 2018 12:49:11
Posted by Vanda Strange
Done :) Good luck everyone.
Kai Williams
4th of October 2018 11:58:00
Posted by Kai Williams
3rd of October 2018 16:25:32
2nd of October 2018 17:26:00
Diane Shaw
2nd of October 2018 16:43:43
Posted by Diane Shaw
Kasy Kluivert
2nd of October 2018 12:35:01
Posted by Kasy Kluivert
Charles Adomako
2nd of October 2018 11:08:28
Posted by Charles Adomako
Voted ,win all the way
Debbie Ross
2nd of October 2018 10:33:07
Posted by Debbie Ross
voted fingers crossed
Emma Tilley
2nd of October 2018 00:16:33
Posted by Emma Tilley
Lynnette Cruickshank
1st of October 2018 23:00:00
Posted by Lynnette Cruickshank
Voted! Best of luck.
Lucinda Wilson
1st of October 2018 18:19:01
Posted by Lucinda Wilson
Voted, good luck
Patience  Tumwebaze
1st of October 2018 17:45:26
Posted by Patience Tumwebaze
All the best
Stephanie Rebecca Kelly
1st of October 2018 17:40:46
Posted by Stephanie Rebecca Kelly
Samantha Hall
1st of October 2018 16:36:16
Posted by Samantha Hall
Adam Biggs
1st of October 2018 14:05:24
Posted by Adam Biggs
I voted!!!
Harrison Kosgei
1st of October 2018 13:57:23
Posted by Harrison Kosgei
all the best.
Gary Broughton
1st of October 2018 13:41:54
Posted by Gary Broughton
Good luck
Sandra Siddall
1st of October 2018 13:36:13
Posted by Sandra Siddall
Voted!! Good Luck Guys!
James Mooney
1st of October 2018 12:28:56
Posted by James Mooney
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