OhMyDosh Featured In The Sun!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s OhMyDosh flying across The Sun!

Arctic Monkeys famously once said “The kids all dream of making it, whatever that means” (that was before they “made it”, broke America and now strut around like Elvis), well today we can firmly say we’ve made it.

“How so?” you ask, well open up today’s copy of the little known indie print fanzine ‘The Sun’ to the front page of the Mrs Crunch section (squeezed in between pages 30-31) and you’ll spy a little interview with yours truly.

OhMyDosh has been featured as The Sun’s ‘Website of the Week’, this meant I was lucky enough to be interviewed to tell their readers a little bit more about OhMyDosh and also share a couple of my top money-saving tips, one of which being “use OhMyDosh” obviously. It’s pretty awesome for the site to be featured and we’d like to thank all you doshers for helping to make the site as great as it is!

So grab your copy (if my Mum hasn’t bought them all yet) to check out the feature or check out the images below.

Waterstones meet and greet events so you can get your copy signed announced soon...


Vanda Strange
5th of October 2018 13:08:30
Posted by Vanda Strange
Great advice and congratulations for getting OhMyDosh in this newspaper :)
Michelle  Mccurdy
24th of September 2018 18:11:59
Posted by Michelle Mccurdy
Daniel Kotynia
19th of September 2018 01:15:34
Posted by Daniel Kotynia
Micah Buffrey
16th of August 2018 23:13:21
Posted by Micah Buffrey
Brilliant. Well done! Look forward to the read.
Sharon Hackett
28th of June 2018 17:24:06
Posted by Sharon Hackett
Welcome to the OhMyDosh blog, here you will tips & tricks on how to use and make the most of the site, plus much much more!