Never Miss Out On Loyalty Points Again - Stocard

Never Miss Out On Loyalty Points Again - Stocard

It’s no secret, one of the best ways to get money off vouchers, extra rewards and much more is by being loyal to your favourite stores and racking up points with your chosen fave. These days you can rack up points with most high-street retailers, be it your morning coffee or your weekly shop, if you’re not already using loyalty cards, then you’re missing out.

However, I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that having so many loyalty cards can be problematic. Carrying around a whole bunch of cards in your wallet/purse isn’t always practical and if I had been given a point for every time the sale assistant has asked me “Do you have one of our loyalty cards?” to which I reply “I do, but it’s at home” at HMV, I‘d most likely own HMV in store points alone by now.

Thankfully though, this week whilst perusing my way through the app store I stumble upon Stocard, whose tagline is quite simply ‘All loyalty cards on your smartphone’, this instantly grabbed my attention.

Having downloaded the app, I got my array of loyalty cards out (some of which I had forgotten about and had laid dormant in my drawer for years) and started to scan my cards using the built in scanner. The scanner was so quick and it was so simple to add cards I actually found myself checking the card barcode numbers to ensure the app had work correctly, which of course it had!

Using the app in store is a doddle, when you’re asked to present your loyalty card simply open the app, choose the right card and present it to the scanner. You’ll also notice that the brightness on your screen will increase to ensure the scanner can pick up the barcode, it then goes back to normally when you come off that card, a pretty neat features I thought.

So there you have it, check out Stocard and never miss out on loyalty points from your favourite stores again!

Download Stocard from Google Play Store Here or Apple App Store Here


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