Get Paid in 3 Working Days with Merry Doshmas!

It's been a big year for OhMyDosh, since launching in February we've racked up over 150,000 Doshers, have been nominated for 'Cashback site of the year' at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2019 and have gained 5-star Trust pilot rating. Now, we want to make sure we see 2018 out with a bang *cue the fireworks*

We are always pushing to make OhMyDosh the best it can be for you guys, we recently slashed our average offer payout time down from 45days to 30days (you're welcome), because we know waiting to get your dosh is as annoying as that person in front of you using the self - checkout service for their weekly shop. But we want to go even further, to a place where no one has been before and that's where 'Merry Doshmas' comes in. Introducing, Lightning Payouts 

For Merry Doshmas (1st - 31st December) we've added a new special category to the site called 'Lightning Payouts' In the Lightning Payouts section you'll find offers you can take and be paid within 3 working days. Yes, 3 working days!  

Lightning Payout offers are now live on site, so head to OhMyDosh and start celebrating Merry Doshmas. Help us celebrate and spread the Doshmas cheers by using the hashtag #MerryDoshmas

Check out our Lightning Payout offers


Rob Elliker
17th of December 2018 13:50:33
Posted by Rob Elliker
Lighning pay out? Between 3-5 days? But I've waited longer it says paid on my omd account but nowhere to be seen in my bank
Diana Ndibalekera
7th of December 2018 21:18:05
Posted by Diana Ndibalekera
Merry doshmas!
When I spread it overall my social platforms, how do you people get to know and pay me?
Gary Moakes
7th of December 2018 15:19:11
Posted by Gary Moakes
A 50p dangling carrot for giving out your details, So they can be added to the sucker database. That will be sold on for thousands more......I think £10 would be a fairer price. and thats "Just because your worth it"haha
Gary Moakes
7th of December 2018 15:14:01
Posted by Gary Moakes
I remember the good old days when you got spam easily without even having to sign up for it, It just appeared in your inbox... How times and greedy *bleep*s have changed LOL So now days the brain dead sheeple actually sign up to receive loads of spam. in the deluded belief that all those referrals and positive fake reviews are True! hahaha...... Tip. Buy a metal detector and go over you garden and the neighbours. Its much more profitable
Gary Moakes
7th of December 2018 15:09:25
Posted by Gary Moakes
Oh my GAWD a fekking spamming site for those who dont have any freinds or any emails
Paddy Whelan
3rd of December 2018 09:35:47
Posted by Paddy Whelan
Omd is a good site you need more offers and need to sort the bugs out when I click on offfer it some times don’t go on pending yes iv waited a few days and still no pending but thank for the dosh
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