Play the Europe's biggest lottery, The EuroMillions with Lotto Social

The EuroMillions is Europe's biggest lottery, played across nine European countries - the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

Draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €17 million, which can roll over up to an impressive €190 million.

£170.2M - The biggest jackpot ever won in the UK

In fact, the biggest EVER EuroMillions jackpot was won by someone in the UK in October 2019 who took away a whooping £170 million. They matched every number and became one very lucky winner!

Millionaire Maker

When you purchase a EuroMillions ticket you'll also be entered into the supplementary game, Millionaire Maker.  In each draw one UK player is guaranteed to win £1 million by exactly matching a winning code. Special events can see the amount of Millionaire Maker prizes increase, for example in a recent draw we saw 20 UK millionaires were guaranteed to be made.

On a very lucky Friday in July 2012, a staggering 97 millionaires were made in the Millionaire Maker draw leaving just 3 prizes unclaimed.


The EuroMillions holds special draws a few times a year where a huge jackpot prize is guaranteed. The most recent was Friday 25th Sept 2020 where the jackpot was a whooping £119 million.

How to play

The EuroMillions draw produces lots of winners each week with 13 prize tiers ranging from a couple of pounds to the huge 9 figure jackpot.
Playing the EuroMillions is simple, all you need to do is pick 5 numbers from 1-50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1-12. There are 13 ways to win in the main draw, with larger prizes awarded for successfully matching more winning numbers. The overall odds of receiving any prize are 1 in 13.

You'll need to match all 7 numbers to win the jackpot.

Please note Lotto & EuroMillion prize amounts are in euros, the UK figure depends on the exchange rate. Game rules apply.

Introducing Lotto Social

Lotto Social provide syndicates for the Euromillions. A syndicate means a group of players who come together to purchase lottery tickets collectively and share any winnings that occur. Winnings can be shared depending on the amount a member has contributed towards the tickets.  

Fun Fact 1 in 5 jackpots won by a syndicate

Remember, more lines = More chances! And don’t just take our word for it, according to The National Lottery, 1 in 5 jackpots are won by syndicates – so it’s a tried and tested way to play.

Why choose Lotto Social?

So why choose Lotto Social to play the EuroMillions? Well we've got a couple of reasons for ya starting with it's super easy!

You can purchase your tickets online or on the app. No more last minute dashes to the shops when you realise it’s a big jackpot. You'll be automatically entered into both Tuesday and Friday's draw every week (if you choose). Lotto Social purchases your tickets for you, so you can sit back and keep your fingers crossed.

On top of that you can enjoy FREE instant win games giving you more chances to win. You'll also collect reward points to spend on exclusive items in the store. Plus there's a lot of other lottery games to play.

We also have a fabulous offer on OhMyDosh to get you started. Purchase 10 EuroMillions lines for just £1 giving you 10 more chances to win. You'll then earn £4 on OhMyDosh! Head here to take the offer out.

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