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If you’ve been a fan of OhMyDosh from day one or even if you’re new here (hiya!) then you may have noticed the name Lotto Social floating around the site. Don’t worry if you haven’t because we are just about to introduce you, so grab a cuppa, get comfy and read away.

What is Lotto Social we hear you cry!

Lotto Social is essentially a matchmaking service for people who wish to join a syndicate; a group of players who come together to purchase lottery tickets collectively and share any winnings that occur. Lots of people join a syndicate as it can increase your chance of winning dramatically.

Creating a syndicate can be stressful but Lotto Social do all the hard work for you. They automatically purchase the tickets for you, add them to existing syndicates and notify you if you win so all you have to do is sign up and cross ya fingers! 

Fun Fact for you: 1 in 5 jackpots are actually won by syndicates!  

Lotto Social provide syndicates for the Euromillions, the UK Lotto and offer various other lotteries plus exclusive offers and games for members. You can also use your small wins as bonus credit for your account and get 4x your cash win to buy more lottery lines. 

You can play with Lotto Social in just four easy steps:
  1. Sign up using your mobile number 
  2. Choose your package (you can cancel at any time)
  3. Cash out your winnings or boost your bonus credit
  4. Repeat - with guaranteed entry you’ll never miss a draw again 

Playing the lottery has never been easier. Lotto Social is perfect for those on the go who don’t have time to constantly stay on top of tickets and games plus you increase your chances of winning much more with more than one of you. 

Lotto Social also have an amazing offer on at the moment which means you can grab 10 entries for the Euromillions for just £1. Complete the offer now and receive £3.00 in your OhMyDosh account! Fancy a piece of that pie? Then head over to the offer and join today. 


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