We got sent a free Graze box, here's what we thought

It's no secret, here at OhMyDosh we LOVE subscription boxes and a long-time favourite for many in the office (including me, I got my first Graze box about 6 years ago) is Graze, hence why we have a great offer from them on site. Well, the awesome guys n gals at Graze kindly sent us a box to take a look at and sample, so we thought it’d be a great time to share with you just what we found.

When you first think of snacking, if you’re anything like me your first thought is to head straight to the crisp drawer and tuck into whatever flavour jumps out at you, then you might progress to the biscuit tin, but I’m sure we all know by now that this isn’t the best thing for you to do! However, Graze offer some tasty AND healthy alternatives which are certain to satisfy that “snack itch”. 

Who are Graze?

Graze deliver healthy snack boxes straight to your door, meaning you can get healthy snacks ready for when you need that little fix. They have over 100 snack available and one of the best thing about Graze is once you’ve created your account you get total control over what you do and don’t want to receive. You can update your preferences when you like, so if you receive something you really like, you can rate that snack and say you’d love to receive it again, pretty cool right?

In the box Graze sent us we got; The Cheese Board, Toffee Apple, Spicy Veggie Protein and Marvellous Carrot Cake (comes with a tea bag). As cheese lover, I can confirm the cheese board lived up all expectations and the rest of them (yes I did share it with the other guys) said they were big fans of the other snacks especially the Toffee Apple.

If you’re reading this thinking “this all sound cool, how do I get my hands on a box?!”, we have some cracking news for you. Right now you can get your first and fifth box for free! (usually £3.99). Click here to get your free Graze boxes.

We’d love to know what you think of Graze, so sound off in the comments below or let us know via us our InstaTwittBook.


Cleidiane  Conceição
11th of August 2021 21:36:22
Posted by Cleidiane Conceição
very good
Abdelaali Bouya
12th of September 2018 19:30:38
Posted by Abdelaali Bouya
Welcome to the OhMyDosh blog, here you will tips & tricks on how to use and make the most of the site, plus much much more!
Welcome to the OhMyDosh blog, here you will tips & tricks on how to use and make the most of the site, plus much much more!