NEW FEATURE ALERT: Daily Dosh Winner!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As I type this, I am rather excited to tell you about a new feature that we've just launched on OhMyDosh - introducing 'Daily Dosh Winner'.

With Daily Dosh Winner you can win money everyday, what do you have to do to enter? Nothing! As long as you've got an OhMyDosh account you're already entered.

You've probably got some questions, hopefully we've answered them below:

How dosh 'Daily Dosh' work?

Each day one of our users will be selected to be our Daily Dosh Winner.

If I win, how do I claim my dosh?

Easy! If you win you'll see a green 'Claim' button next to your name and profile picture, just click that button to claim ya dosh yo!

How do I know if I've won?

Log into your account each day to see if you've won, you don't wanna miss out on that free dosh.

In the images below you'll see just where you can see our daily winner both on desktop and on your mobile device.

You can even view our previous Daily Dosh Winners by heading to our previous winner page...but of course as I write this there's only one name in there as the feature has only just launched today, so well done George if you're reading!



Craig Forbes
29th of July 2018 19:50:27
Posted by Craig Forbes
So yet again I find myself posting on this site because the staff are useless at their jobs! I have been waiting over 2 weeks now for my payment to be sent out to my paypal. I have sent documents that they asked for and still no reply from company! This site is becoming a proper joke and they staff need relevant training as it seems they don't have a freaking clue how to do their jobs! GET IT SORTED OH MY DOSH!
Michael Potter
28th of July 2018 08:22:06
Posted by Michael Potter
Great idea peeps, just need people to claim their Daily Dosh now...
Craig Forbes
26th of July 2018 15:46:21
Posted by Craig Forbes
Hi I am still awaiting payment it has been processing for almost a week now and it was my understanding that payments to paypal would be quicker than a BAC payment so why am I still waiting for this payment to be complete ? I have spoke with someone on Facebook regarding this issue also. My views on this site are slightly going down due to this
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