We’re bringing cashback

Hi guys and welcome back to the OhMyDosh blog! We must say it’s a pleasure to have you here, especially as we have some very exciting news, something you've all been asking for and we've been working on for a long time. Eeeeeeee! 

As you may know (or not, if you’ve been living in an igloo for the past week) we’ve just launched a brand new shiny feature on OhMyDosh. That feature means you can now get cashback when you shop through us! 

But what exactly is cashback we hear you cry?

Cashback means you get a little money back from the purchases you make. Most of the time this will be displayed as a percentage, for example “get 10% cashback with Happy Socks.” This means you’ll earn 10% cashback on your purchase and that money will go into your OhMyDosh account. It’s pretty simple really but extremely nifty. Come on, who wouldn’t want money back from the purchases they’ve made? Assuming you’re not the Queen of course. 

All you have to do is browse through the cashback offers we have on site, see a shop that takes your fancy and click the green button in the right corner (don’t worry you won’t miss it). This will take you directly to your chosen store then you’re free to shop til your heart's content. The money will then appear in your Dosh wallet once it’s become payable. Kerrrrching! 

Just about to purchase your girls night out outfit from PrettyLittleThing? Well why not do it through OhMyDosh and nab up to 5% cashback? 

Ran out of skin care? (It can’t just be us that runs out of allll our products at the same time?) Then pop over to The Body Shop on OhMyDosh, stock up on your faves and earn up to 8% cashback. It really is that simple. 

And it’s not just retail either! Going away for the weekend and need somewhere to stay? Book through Expedia on OhMyDosh and earn up to 10% cashback. Plus if you’re driving abroad and need European Breakdown Cover, you can nab that too with The AAfor up to 7% cashback. You get the gist! 

We know, it’s all very exciting! Head over to OhMyDosh now to check out all the amazing cashback offers! 



Samiya Osman
24th of July 2019 14:32:35
Posted by Samiya Osman
I am loving it!
Fiona Olivier
20th of July 2019 09:57:18
Posted by Fiona Olivier
Loving Oh my Dosh
Michelle Baars
19th of July 2019 11:47:57
Posted by Michelle Baars
Love you ohmydosh!!!
Mahesh Babu
19th of July 2019 07:19:34
Posted by Mahesh Babu
Ann Kisiel
19th of July 2019 00:24:26
Posted by Ann Kisiel
thats great i'm up for it
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