Your Ultimate Guide To BT Broadband

Your broadband connection has never been so important. Over the past 18 months, so many of us have relied on it to be able to work or study from home and keep connected to our loved ones. Not to mention the copious amount of films and series streamed. How have we not completed Netflix yet?

Whether you use your internet to study, stream or game, you need fast, reliable broadband. That’s where BT comes in. 

What BT packages are there?

When it comes to broadband, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. BT have many different packages for you to choose from and customise. If you’re online all day every day, you may need a different package from your neighbour who only uses it to check their emails. 

Speeds range from 10Mb to over 100Mb, so whatever your broadband needs, they’ve got you covered. All at a great price, of course.

Some packages may not be available in your area just yet either, but simply pop in your postcode and it will bring up all the deals that are suitable for your address.

Whatever package you choose though, you can be sure these fabulous features will always be included: 

Guaranteed speeds - Get the speed promised or £20 back with BT’s Stay Fast Guarantee.

Strong, reliable wi-fi - Get a great connection with a powerful Which? Best Buy Smart Hub.

Unlimited broadband - With no data caps or download limits, you can do as much as you like online.

Security as standard - 3,000 security experts are at work 24/7 to help protect you from cyber-attacks.

Should I switch to fibre?

Also known as fibre-optic broadband, it’s BT’s most widespread broadband. It uses powerful fibre cables to transmit signals to your street cabinet before copper cables connect your home. The result is strong, reliable, superfast broadband that’s great for browsing, streaming and downloading.

If you’re working from home or using the internet a lot, you may benefit a lot from switching to fibre. Superfast fibre broadband is now available to over 95% of the UK, so you could get faster speeds for a great price. You can check with BT for the packages available in your area and see if you can switch. 

Want TV included too?

With BT you can choose to opt for just broadband or you can add in TV too! The Superfast Fibre & Entertainment package is perfect for telly lovers. With this, you’ll get Freeview channels, Sky Originals, the best of HBO, and over 300 box sets on demand from NOW. Plus Fibre broadband with average speeds of 67Mb.

Gaming Broadband

Pro gamer? You need broadband that doesn’t slow you down. Get ultra-responsive gameplay with BT superfast fibre, broadband that’s built for gamers. Experience less lag when you’re playing and say goodbye to buffering. Plus it's ideal for multiplayer cloud gaming. 

No landline? No Problem

Never use your home phone? Now you can also get our great value broadband without a home phone service. This is great news as a lot of us no longer use a landline but a lot of suppliers still require it. Not BT though! 

Switch to BT

Whether you’re with Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media or anyone else, BT has made it as simple as possible to switch broadband providers. It’s easy to switch your TV and landline services too. And in most cases, you’ll only be without broadband for about 30 minutes on the day of your switch.

To choose your package, head over to BT through OhMyDosh and compare the features that suit you most. BT also offers a reward card with some of their packages which can be redeemed once your internet is all set up. 

Once you’ve purchased your new package, you’ll receive £40 cashback from OhMyDosh once your purchase has been approved. 

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