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Let’s talk broadband. From emails to online shopping, catching up on TV shows and funny cat videos, most of us use the internet as part of our everyday lives. But when it comes to finding a new provider or renewing your current deal, it’s important to choose the right package for you and all your online needs. 

We get it, there’s so many options out there. Gone are the days of dial up modems and waiting for your mum to get off the phone so you could use the internet. Now we’re faced with so many different packages, speeds and add ons, it can become a little confusing to say the least. 

That’s why we love broadband from BT. There’s plenty of different deals to choose from with each option explaining clearly what’s included. If you’re not after all the trimmings because actually, you only use your internet to check emails and browse the internet, that’s completely fine. If you’re looking for a package with unlimited usage, superfast speeds and perfect for gaming, then that’s fine too. There’s a perfect deal out there for everyone. 

BT Superfast Fibre is ideal for streaming and gaming. With average speeds of 67Mb, it’s great for watching and downloading all your favourite shows. BT Broadband's basic package is perfect if you’re not online all that much. The no frills deal is essential for browsing and emailing and has an average speed of 10Mb. It’s ideal if you’re not fussed about super fast speeds and add ons.

BT also offer broadband packages with added BT Sports. Footie lover? Then this one’s for you. You can get superfast broadband and access to all the action from just £38.99 a month!

You also get powerful security features to keep your family safe online with all BT packages. BT Virus Protect stops your devices from becoming poorly and installing something nasty. Parental Control allows you to filter what your children see online and stop them from going on certain websites. Plus you can take the time to catch up with friends and family with unlimited UK weekend calls! 

With low prices, high speeds and no broadband price rises in 2019, it’s no wonder BT is the UK’s most popular broadband provider. No matter how much or how little you need to do online, they have something which will suit everyone’s needs. 

Switch to BT through OhMyDosh and we’ll pop £40 on your account for you, head here to have a little browse at the different packages available. 


Sheila Gunter
24th of November 2019 10:03:37
Posted by Sheila Gunter
I JUST SWITCH TO BT through and its great went live few days ago its so fast
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