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Dog owners, pay attention! We’ve got a deal for you (and your dogs).
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Who are Tails?
Tails create unique dog food tailored to your dogs’ nutritional needs, taking into account your dog’s breed, age, and size. They have over a million different ingredient combinations so your dog’s food will always be tailor-made just for them. Tails will also adjust the recipe as your dog grows so their food will always be suited to their nutritional needs and requirements. The experts will also work out how many calories your dog should be having each day from dry food, wet food, and treats and will provide a scoop with a specific setting to make sure your dog is never over or underfed. 
Their recipes contain a mixture of meat and fish, vitamins and minerals as well as healthy carbohydrates. Their mission is to keep your dog healthy and looked after by making sure their food is packed with ethically sourced high-quality ingredients. They provide a range of dog foods including dry and wet food, treats, dental chews, puppy and senior dog food so you’re bound to find something for your pup. Every month Tails will deliver the unique kibble to your door and if you don’t need it for that month, you can pause or cancel it at any time. 

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of the reviews from Tails.com customers:

‘I have been using this service for several months now & can’t big it up enough. I provided info on my dogs likes and dislikes in her eating habits, and everything about her exercise levels, etc this was then turned into wet & dry meals, she can be a fussy feeder but I’m delighted to say she loves her tails prepared meals, you have the choice to delay your next order if you are not ready for it and can remove/add items if necessary.’

‘We have been really pleased with tails products - prior to using this individually tailored food for our dog we were noticing digestive issues, however since changing to tails this has no longer been an issue. Great that the delivery is automatically generated each month but gives you the heads up to be able to amend the order as needed.’

‘Such an efficient fuss-free service from Tails.com. It's a tailor-made food provision for your dog with a wide choice of menus. They keep in contact and provide lots of interesting tips about pet care and suggestions for your own menus. I love it.’

How it Works
To claim this offer click the green 'Earn' button to visit tails.com and get 75% off your first box of dog food. Next, they’ll ask you some questions about your dog so you get the right food for them. Once you're done simply pop back to OhMyDosh!
After your first box, you will be charged an ongoing subscription fee if not canceled. 

(reviews provided by Trustpilot)



Gustavo Wandrier
23rd of June 2022 10:46:46
Posted by Gustavo Wandrier
Bom dia
D Edwards
10th of June 2022 10:01:22
Posted by D Edwards
Rachel  Griffiths
2nd of May 2022 22:50:54
Posted by Rachel Griffiths
Waste of time and a huge *bleep* to get personal details from people
Rachel  Griffiths
2nd of May 2022 22:49:22
Posted by Rachel Griffiths
Bleep? How is *bleep* swearing
Rachel  Griffiths
2nd of May 2022 22:47:02
Posted by Rachel Griffiths
Have ordered, paid, received my tails order and have had NO reward from OhMyDosh, not even acknowledgement of doing so. I feel this OhMyDoh is a huge *bleep*
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