Say Hello to Cheaper Energy Bills...Forever!

You know how it is, we’d all love cheaper energy bills but the idea of switching and searching for a better deal just seems like a little too much hassle. We have better things to do with our time, like catching up on our fav box sets or napping… But what if there was something that would automatically switch it for you, meaning you’d be on the cheapest energy deals...forever?

Sounds too good to be true right? Introducing Migrate, the website which saves you time and money by automatically switching you to a cheaper energy deal every year, for free. (Dreams do come too!)

Migrate have created the technology to find you the best new energy deal each year and manage the switch for you meaning you’ll never have to worry about changing energy supplier ever again. And what’s more, it’s completely free!

Say goodbye to endlessly searching comparison websites and worrying if you’re on the cheapest tariff because they do it all for you. In the same way as a migrating puffin flies away every year from the cold climate, to somewhere warmer, Migrate will switch you from expensive tariffs to cheaper ones.

Well how does it work we hear you cry? It’s simple! 
  • Sign up for free in 2 minutes, you don’t even need to have a bill to hand.
  • Migrate will find you the best deal - no other service can switch you to more suppliers than Migrate.
  • Keep saving on your bills forever - Migrate works its magic, automatically re-switching you onto the best tariff every year. 
Plus Migrate Dashboard keeps you in complete control of everything. You can monitor your savings, see when your next switch is and update your preferences all in one place. What’s more is that they’ll stay in touch with you the whole time, with a customer services team at hand whenever you need a little help. 

Sounds pretty damn good right? Cheaper bills for free without the hassle of switching energy supplier ever again! Sign up now with OhMyDosh and nab a fab £14 too! Someone hold us back as we just can’t stop giving you the goods! 

Head over to the offer now and Migrate to cheaper every bills forever! 



Asanga Ranawaka
9th of May 2019 15:13:15
Posted by Asanga Ranawaka
woe nice ...
Victor Aigbodion
9th of May 2019 13:02:42
Posted by Victor Aigbodion
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