Back to school with HelloFresh

With the chaos of everyday life, the back-to-school mayhem and trying to settle back into a normal routine, it can be hard to find time to shop for and prepare healthy nutritious meals that everyone in the family will enjoy. To help ease the stress of meal planning and prepping, why not make HelloFresh part of your everyday routine, it's easy to order and there are different meal plans available to suit you and your family. In just 3 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to making chef-created recipes at home.

1. Firstly, you get to choose a plan, depending on how many people you’re cooking for and how often you plan on cooking each week. So you can pick a flexible plan that suits you and your lifestyle.

2. Then sit back and wait for your fresh ingredients to arrive, along with step-by-step recipes, providing you with everything you need to make a delicious meal, without even leaving your house. Ingredients will be specially packed with ice packs and insulation to ensure your food stays fresh and cool.

3. Then, it’s time for you to take the reigns, all you have to do is cook, eat and enjoy the meal. 

Gone are the days of food waste and throwing out out-of-date food, you’ll have more time for yourself with fewer trips to the shops, and the recipes are easy and hassle-free. Got the half term coming up and need to skip a week? No worries, you can do just that with HelloFresh’s flexible plans- you can modify, pause or cancel 5 days before your next delivery. Whether you're veggies, big meat eaters, pescatarians or you're looking for super speedy meals during busy weeks, then they’ve got something for you. Plus, by cutting out the retailer, and reducing the supply chain, you’ll help reduce emissions, and because they’ll only send you what you need, you’ll be reducing food waste too.

As well as dinnertime meals, they've got sides, desserts, food for special occasions, lunches, brunches and flavours from around the world. The weekly menu will also change regularly, meaning you won't get bored of the same repetitive meals. If you fancy a pasta dish, skewers, noodles, a curry, pie, roast or risotto then you’re in for a treat as they’ve got plenty to pick from. So mix up your mid-week meals with HelloFresh and choose your meal plan today.

If you sign up to Hello Fresh you’ll get 60% off your first box, 25% off for two months and you’ll earn £6 from us.


Sadia Ameer
5th of January 2023 20:53:05
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17th of December 2022 19:01:14
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this is amazing it saves your time thanks to Hello fresh
Gerald Douthwaite
17th of November 2022 05:38:26
Posted by Gerald Douthwaite
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16th of September 2022 10:47:36
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6th of September 2022 08:50:32
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