Beat the Energy Price Hike

Check out these offers and tips to help you keep your energy prices low and your smiles high. 

From April 1st 2019, Ofgem's energy price cap is set to increase meaning over 11 million households in the UK could see their energy bills go up. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but don’t reach for the blankets and hot water bottles just yet. We have some fab money saving offers and a couple of tips which could help you slice your energy bills and beat the price hike. 

If you want to switch to the cheapest tariff (...of course you do), then check out Migrate. They automatically switch you to the cheapest energy supplier so you don’t have to worry about paying too much ever again. Plus you don’t even have to deal with switching when your contract is up; ideal if you the memory of a goldfish, just like us. They take care of everything and could save you on average over £300 a year, take that price hike! 

Don’t mind switching and searching for the best energy deals yourself? Well we’ve got you covered for that too. Free Price Compare could help you save up to £505 on your energy bills. They compare more energy suppliers than anyone else on the market, finding you the best deals in your area. Their free, independent and impartial comparison service could help you save quite a few pennies. 

So don’t worry too much about your energy prices going through the roof, head over to our Save Money category, grab a cuppa and say hello to your new cheaper bills.  

Happy with your current energy supplier but still fancy saving some dosh? Check out these top tips to help you cut down on your energy usage.
  • Turn off your standby appliances. - Haven’t used the microwave in a couple of days? Have a games console you hardly EVER use? Turn them off! By turning off standby appliances and gadgets you could save between £30 - £80 a year! 
  • Wash your clothes at a lower temp - Unless you’ve got a massive red wine stain which will not budge, washing your clothes at 30 degrees is fine and will save you some pennies! Just make sure you have the right detergent. 
  • Turn your thermostat down - By turning it down by just 1 degree you could save up to £75 a year! Do you really need your heating on at 30 degrees? No, probably not unless you’re breeding a family of meerkats.
  • Install a Smart Meter - Quick warning, with one of these bad boys you will become obsessed with every penny you’re spending. Track what uses the most energy and you’ll soon be finding ways to cut these down. 


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12th of April 2019 23:06:04
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Do these already
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4th of April 2019 01:53:06
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