Goodbye buffering and hello super fast broadband

Picture the scene, you’re sat all snuggled up on the sofa, snacks at the ready and a clear schedule for the rest of the evening. All you have planned is to catch up on your favourite TV box sets. You press play and there it is, the spinning wheel of doom whilst your show tries to slowly load, pausing every three minutes just as it’s getting good. We’ve all been there and nothing kills the mood quicker than a painfully slow internet connection. Don’t suffer in silence, switch to BT Superfast Fibre Broadband from just £29.99 a month and say goodbye to buffering for good! 

BT Smart Hub is the UK’s most powerful Wi-fi and offers unlimited monthly usage so you can roam the internet as freely as sheep in a luscious green field; no more waiting for pages to load. By switching to BT Superfast Broadband you’ll receive unlimited UK weekend calls so you can catch up with your friends for all over the country at no extra cost. You could even chat whilst streaming the same TV show and pretend you’re in the same room; that’s what we call friendship at its best. 

We know protecting your devices from viruses is important; nobody wants their computer to come down with the flu. With BT Superfast Fibre Broadband you will also receive BT Virus Protect for two of your devices as well as parental control for monitoring those little ones. 
You will also get free access to over 5 million UK Wi-fi hotspots so you can even take your favourite films and TV shows on the go. 

By switching to the UK’s most powerful Wi-fi supplier, think of all that time you could save instead of waiting for internet pages to load or programmes to stop buffering. You could spend your new found free time tidying the house perhaps, or just cramming in more of your favourite box sets... 

Here at OhMyDosh we want you to only have the best, and of course earn money whilst doing so. Switching to the UK’s most powerful Broadband provider will not only earn you £25 but will give you internet that is well… super fast. 

If this sounds like a good deal to you (which it does to us) then grab a cuppa and head over to the website to check out all the details on this offer. Switch today and look forward to your new Superfast Fibre Broadband being installed very soon! Happy roaming. 

Offer open to new BT members only
Full T&C’s at OhMyDosh 


Ari Soemaryanto Maryanto
9th of March 2019 10:39:24
Posted by Ari Soemaryanto Maryanto
Good luck FOR YOU
Saeeda Hussain
28th of February 2019 09:45:02
Posted by Saeeda Hussain
I already have this
Mary Seymour
27th of February 2019 15:54:09
Posted by Mary Seymour
I love this
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