Start your Savings Journey Today with Shepherds Friendly

Nobody can see into the future, (although we certainly wish we could) but wouldn’t it be great if you knew you were prepared financially for whatever life throws at you, however many years down the line. Starting to save early gives your money more potential to grow, think of it as planting the first seed to start your ever flourishing money garden. 

With this in mind, let us introduce you to Shepherds Friendly, one of the oldest financial mutual societies in the world with over 190 years experience behind them. They are experts in children’s and adult’s saving, income protection and over 50s life insurance.

Shepherds Friendly want you to be prepared for a rainy day just as much as we do and have created an investment plan free from stress and complications. They make investing sound simple which we wasn’t sure was even possible.

Shepherds Friendly Stocks and Shares ISA is a tax efficient savings plan that allows you to save from as little as £30 a month. With cash interest rates at record lows, you could find that a Stocks and Shares ISA gives you better returns. Plus they aim to pay an annual bonus to help your savings grow, although as with any investment this is not guaranteed.

If you save into a normal savings account then any growth or interest could be subject to capital gains and income tax. The Shepherds Friendly tax-efficient ISA shields your savings from both of these taxes, helping you to make your money go further.

Saving for the future can be a big commitment but with Shepherds Friendly investing doesn’t have to be scary. They ensure any money you invest into the ISA will be treated in a responsible and sensible manner and aim to provide you with the best returns on your investment possible. There are no tricky fund or investment choices to make, and your money is invested into Shepherds Friendly With-profits fund; a mix of assets including stocks and shares, bonds, property, cash and more.

By putting a little away a month now, your future self will be forever grateful. Whether it be for your wedding fund or to go towards your retirement, what you choose to do with your money is entirely up to you. Just remember to thank us in the future!
Sign up to the Shepherds Friendly Stocks and Shares ISA today and take advantage of your £20,000 annual ISA allowance to make the most of your savings. Plus receive £50 into your OhMyDosh account, that’s one months worth of savings already sorted with a little left over to treat yourself with.  

Click here to find out more.

Full T&C’s over at OhMyDosh. Capital at risk. 

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Start saving for your little one's future with OneFamily

We know you’d like your children to stay small forever, it starts with nappies and baby grows and then before you know it, your little cherubs are all grown up. Although it may seem like a long way off, by saving whilst their young you’ll make sure they’re prepared for all the adventures life brings them when they do decide to fly to nest. 

Introducing the OneFamily Junior ISA, a savings account for children which offers tax-free growth potential, helping you to save for their future which they’ll have access to when they turn 18. You can invest each month from as little as £10 allowing you to save without even noticing it, up to a maximum of £4,260 in the current tax year. 

Plus anyone can pay into a Junior ISA, meaning family and friends can also invest into your child's future; perfect for birthdays and special occasions. You can keep an eye on your account by logging in which means you don’t have to wait until they’ve hit 18 to find out their ISA balance. If they’ve reached 18 but want to carry on saving then that’s fine too! They can convert the Junior ISA into an adult account if they decide they don’t want to withdraw straight away. 

So Why OneFamily?
We know putting your trust into someone to look after your money can be hard and you don’t want to invest with just anyone (that wouldn’t be a very smart idea). OneFamily’s mission is to empower modern families through their financial lives. They understand that families come in all shapes and sizes and that we’re stronger when we make decisions together, which is why they provide products and services that help modern families thrive. 

OneFamily is owned by its customers, allowing it to focus on reinvesting their profits to the benefit of their customers, not shareholders. They’re trusted by over 2 million customers and look after £7.4bn, that’s pretty good figures if you ask us. 

We know what you’re thinking, this sounds like the perfect ISA to start investing in your child’s future with...and to top it off, when you sign up you’ll receive £50 in your OhMyDosh account! Use it to start off your ISA or treat yourself to something deserve it for being so organised! If this sounds right out your saving street then head over to the offer to check it out. 

Capital at risk. T&Cs apply. 

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Beat the Energy Price Hike

Check out these offers and tips to help you keep your energy prices low and your smiles high. 

From April 1st 2019, Ofgem's energy price cap is set to increase meaning over 11 million households in the UK could see their energy bills go up. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but don’t reach for the blankets and hot water bottles just yet. We have some fab money saving offers and a couple of tips which could help you slice your energy bills and beat the price hike. 

If you want to switch to the cheapest tariff (...of course you do), then check out Migrate. They automatically switch you to the cheapest energy supplier so you don’t have to worry about paying too much ever again. Plus you don’t even have to deal with switching when your contract is up; ideal if you the memory of a goldfish, just like us. They take care of everything and could save you on average over £300 a year, take that price hike! 

Don’t mind switching and searching for the best energy deals yourself? Well we’ve got you covered for that too. Free Price Compare could help you save up to £505 on your energy bills. They compare more energy suppliers than anyone else on the market, finding you the best deals in your area. Their free, independent and impartial comparison service could help you save quite a few pennies. 

So don’t worry too much about your energy prices going through the roof, head over to our Save Money category, grab a cuppa and say hello to your new cheaper bills.  

Happy with your current energy supplier but still fancy saving some dosh? Check out these top tips to help you cut down on your energy usage.
  • Turn off your standby appliances. - Haven’t used the microwave in a couple of days? Have a games console you hardly EVER use? Turn them off! By turning off standby appliances and gadgets you could save between £30 - £80 a year! 
  • Wash your clothes at a lower temp - Unless you’ve got a massive red wine stain which will not budge, washing your clothes at 30 degrees is fine and will save you some pennies! Just make sure you have the right detergent. 
  • Turn your thermostat down - By turning it down by just 1 degree you could save up to £75 a year! Do you really need your heating on at 30 degrees? No, probably not unless you’re breeding a family of meerkats.
  • Install a Smart Meter - Quick warning, with one of these bad boys you will become obsessed with every penny you’re spending. Track what uses the most energy and you’ll soon be finding ways to cut these down. 

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