Slice Your Energy Bills This Winter

We’ve been informed that something terrible is on it’s way Doshers… perhaps even worse than the Beast from the East! Brace yourselves...

News just in says that this winter is going to be the coldest on record for over a decade! Yes we know, the same thing is said every year but you never know, we very well could be transported to Antarctica come winter time and we want you to be prepared. 

Now we’re fully aware that this is OhMyDosh, not OhMySnowsuits and we can’t yet provide you with those, but we can help you save some money on your energy bills! Woo! 

So grab a hot choccie, get comfy and check out how we can help you save some pennies when the cold spell hits. 

Many of us have never actually switched energy supplier and we get it. If you’re happy with who you’re currently with and don’t want the hassle of switching then why would you? Well what if we told you you could save a lot of money each year by changing supplier AND you don’t even have to do it yourself! 

Let us introduce you to Look After My Bills. Simply sign up once, get great energy deals forever. They’ll find you the best energy deals and automatically switch you over. Once that deal ends they’ll switch you again. You don’t need to do anything and it’s completely free! Plus they were featured on BBC Dragons’ Den. ooOOoo.

Save ya self some pennies over and over again plus nab £27.00 when you sign up through OhMyDosh! 

Another fab way to save money on your energy bills is to use a comparison service so you can see for yourself the cheapest tariffs. uSwitch are perfect for this, you can compare a range of suppliers and choose the one which suits you the most. You could even save up to £477 on your energy bills by simply switching.

Plus you’ll also nab £8.00 when you switch with uSwitch through OhMyDosh!

If you’re looking to switch to a supplier that doesn’t cost the earth and uses 100% renewable energy then take a look at Tonik. Simply get a quote and choose your tariff and they’ll take care of your switch. They plan to slash your bills and help you become part of the switched-on future of energy. 

Earn £10.00 when you switch to Tonik energy through OhMyDosh!

Check out the Energy category to see who could start saving with today.

We do hope it won’t be dropping into minus temperatures any time soon but you can save money on your energy bills all year round with these little tips. There’s no need to thank us Doshers, although some do call us a modern day superhero - which we’re perfectly fine with. 

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Perfecting Pocket Money with gohenry

Hiya Doshers and welcome back to another installment of the OhMyDosh blog. In this post we’re focusing on that ever so talked about subject “money” and how our little ones use it. 
If you’re looking for a way to teach your kids valuable money skills without giving them too much financial freedom then carry on reading because this one’s for you. 

As adults, we know money doesn’t grow on trees (although it would be a-maz-ing if it did) and teaching your children this can sometimes be a little tricky. Saying no from time to time can make you feel a little like the bad cop, so why not let them be in charge of what they’re spending. 

Allowing your children to take control of their own finances may seem like a crazy idea but actually, it’s all about teaching them good money skills from a young age. You’re still there to set the limits but it allows them to realise the value of money and that once it’s gone, they can’t just ask for more. 

gohenry is perfect for this. Give your child their own personalised card and you can simply add money to it via the app. Set weekly limits and decide where the card can be used. If you don’t want them to be able to use it online then that’s fine, simply turn this feature off. 

You’ll also receive real-time notifications about how much your child has spent and where, so you can keep track of their spending without having to ask them constantly where their money is going. Plus you can block and unblock your child’s card at any time. 

gohenry allows you to create earning goals and you can set little tasks for them to complete in order for them to receive extra pocket money. Simply tick these tasks off once their done from the app. You can also set up different saving goals for your child to work towards. The app can automatically save a percentage of pocket money every week. This will help them learn that if there’s something they really want, they can save up for it. 

The card is accepted anywhere Visa is and can be used in shops or online, giving your children their own financial freedom and the ability to appreciate how much things cost. So many of gohenry's users have said it helped their little ones manage their money better and they love that it’s customisable. You can pop your child’s name on their card! 

Join the 100,000s of families which are loving gohenry and get started with a 2 month free trial. Plus you’ll nab £6 on OhMyDosh. Head over to the offer and start managing money together. 

gohenry costs just £2.99 per child per month, and you can cancel at any time.


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Let’s talk about emails. You can love them or hate them, we all know that our inboxes can be full emails that are totally irrelevant that we are simply not interested in, but at the same time we can also receive emails letting us know that our favourite store has 70% off that incredible red Hawaiian shirt you’ve had in your basket for three weeks (seriously Dale, just buy it). If only there were a way to filter the emails that you want to see and get rid of the junk? Well, I’m excited to let you all know about a brand new feature on OhMyDosh that has just launched.

Introducing “choosing the kind of emails that you actually want to receive selection tool” (If you can come up with something a bit snappier, please do let us know). Now, selecting the type of emails you want to receive is quicker saying the long-winded title we’ve made up for the feature.

Find out how to do it with the ‘Dale’s how to use the new “choosing the kind of emails that you actually want to receive selection tool” simple 3-step guide.

Step 1: Log into your OhMyDosh account and visit ‘My Account’ page (you can find this by clicking the ‘Menu’ button in the top right of your page)

Step 2: Scroll down to ‘e-mail preferences’, select the kind of offers that interest you and click the green save button.

Step 3: Pop the kettle on and celebrate your involvement in fight for better emails.

Once you’ve saved your preferences, you’ll start the type of offer emails you want to see. You can update your choices whenever you like, leaving you in total control.

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