Saving Goals? We got ya!

If you’re looking for friendly shepherds then I’m afraid you’ve landed on the wrong blog post but if you’re looking to start smashing your savings goals with a simple savings plan, then take a seat and get comfy because this one’s for you!

We know that sometimes it can be hard to be good with money, being a savvy savings queen doesn’t just come overnight you know. But having the right savings account which is easy and simple for you to set up and deposit in to will make a world of difference. Whether it be saving for a house, your child’s future or even for your retirement fund, we all have savings goals we want to work towards.

Let us introduce you to Shepherds Friendly, one of the oldest financial mutuals in the world who believe in being there for the whole family and offer a range of products to help you plan your own future, as well as your loved ones. As a mutual society, they have a strict set of values that help them to provide their members with the best products and services they can offer.

Saving plans for yourself include their Stocks and Shares ISA which allows you to save for your medium to long-term future. You can open a plan from just £30 a month and you can save all the way up to your annual ISA allowance, all free from capital gains and income tax. Plus you can stop, start or adjust the payment amount to suit your circumstances or even add lump sums to your investment when you please.

Start preparing for your child’s future with a Junior ISA which offers tax-efficient saving from just £10 a month. It’s a flexible savings plan which allows you and others to pay into and make lump sums if and when you like. All you need is an initial deposit of £100. The plan aims to pay an annual bonus into your investment, the size of which will be determined by the performance of the fund your child’s money is invested in.

Shepherds Friendly want you to be prepared for the future just as much as we do and have several different plans which will set you off on your savings journey. They make investing sound simple which we weren't sure was even possible.

Take out a Shepherds Friendly savings plan through OhMyDosh and earn up to £50 in your Dosh account! Lets go smash those savings goals. Capital at risk.


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